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Your Questions About Movies 2012

Richard asks… How to play video audio and music at the same time in Movie Maker 2012? I’m making a video for a class election and I’m forced to work with Windows Movie Maker 2012, which is ridiculously confusing compared to the XP Movie Maker. In XP, I was able to play imported audio from … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies On Dvd

George asks… Windows Movie Maker freezes my dvd? I downloaded some videos on youtube, then I want to make a dvd out of the videos by using Windows Movie maker. The dvd does play but it keeps on pausing on some scenes and won’t let you view unless you click skip. This happens every 10 … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies 2012

Lizzie asks… What are Some Great Out of Space movies or tragedies movies? I’m looking for movies like Deep Impact, the core, day after 2morrow and lost in space, Moon, Armageddon, Sunshine, Apollo 18. I hated the movie 2012 Im not looking for movies like Startrack, or star wars and stuff thats wayyy into the … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies 2012

Ken asks… is the movie “2012” appropriate for family viewing? I’m planning to take my parents out to watch the movie 2012. Mainly because I have heard that its got good special effects. I want to know if there any scenes that will make it awkward for us. Like sex scenes or foul language. Thanks. … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies On Dvd

Joseph asks… 6 hour dvd home movies software? I have 6 hours of home movies I want to convert to a dvd, my digital camcorder records them as mpgs. the software that comes with the camcorder can only convert 3 hours to a dvd. I converted them from mpg to vob but my burning software … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies Online

Thomas asks… free movies online?!? I am wanting to watch some movies online for free and i cant find any sites that will let me watch a movie. can anyone please tell me a site i could use please and thank you! admin answers: 10star movies always watch out with free movies online because some … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies 2011

Helen asks… Friends movie for summer 2011? Everyone says this is a rumour but now newspapers are printing that it is official. I am still not convinced I absolutely love friends and if this is true I will be so excited. Anyone know if this is an assured movie for 2011? admin answers: I don’t … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies Coming Soon

Joseph asks… Any good movies out or coming soon? admin answers: July 09 – Public Enemies (Crime/Drama) – Johnny Depp and Christian Bale (Director Michael Mann) July 09 – Funny People (Comedy/Drama) – Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Leslie Mann, Johnah Hill, Jason Schwartzmen and Eric Bana (Director and Producer – Judd Apatow) Aug … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

Sandy asks… What are some good ACT calculator tips? Any tips or secret trick you guys want to share with me would be great. admin answers: The ACT math section is so easy, you probably won’t need a calculator for anything beyond quick basic arithmetic. Otherwise, if you have a graphing calculator, I suppose you … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies

Carol asks… survey- what is your favorite movie: ? what is your favorite: old nickolodeon show & movie- old disney show & movie- comedy movie- action movie- romance movie- book made into a movie- and & star if you’d like:) oops, i meant answer instead of ‘and’ thank you guys! 🙂 admin answers: Old nickolodeon … Continue reading

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