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Your Questions About Acting Tips

Charles asks… I need some acting tips plz? i need some acting tips plz because im a terrible actress xD i think im speaking loud and speaking with feeling but im not = i need help! admin answers: Google it! Performance tips, acting tips, acting books. Whatever you can think of. If you’re in high … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies On Dvd

Maria asks… how do i burn movies on dvd? pls tell me what kind of a blank dvd do i need (the size) and what’s a free program to burn full lenght-movies. tnx! i want to play it on a dvd player admin answers: You would need a blank DVD±R. Well it depends on what … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

Ruth asks… Any last minute ACT tips? I took the SAT last month and only got a 1900. Now im trying the ACT. Ive done the Princeton Review book, and i will be doing the writing test. The test is tomorrow. Any tips?? admin answers: 1. Time management. The time per question is easier on … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies 2012

Donna asks… What are the names of movies about earth distruction by natural disaster? From year 2000 to 2009 would be better, very similar to the movies like Impact or upcoming movie 2012: . admin answers: Countdown: Jerusalem The storm Shelter The Apocalypse (2007) Earthstorm Magma: Volcanic disaster Category 6: Day of destruction Category … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies Online

Joseph asks… Movies Online? Where Can I Watch 3:10 to Yuma Online Dvd Quailty Where Can I Watch All The New Movies admin answers: That movie is not legally online at the moment Linda asks… Is watching movies online illegal? What happens if I watch movies on websites like– ? The site is probably … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Tips Yahoo

Thomas asks… Is Yahoo messenger down today? It won’t sign in? acts like it is but just keeps spinning its wheels and won’t complete the connection admin answers: Assuming you do mean Yahoo Messenger and not Yahoo Mail Instant Messaging : Sign in Tips for Messenger 10 & 11 1) Shut down your computer and … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies

Joseph asks… Movies like Moulin Rouge or Chicago? What are some movies similar to Moulin Rouge or Chicago? admin answers: Similar movies: Idlewild Cabaret Sweet Charity Pennies from Heaven Paul asks… What movies do you like? If you can, write movies‘ names. Thanks. admin answers: Horror movies. Like thr ring, the grudge, unborn, … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Tips Crying

Joseph asks… How do I start my acting career? I’ve made my decision, I want to become an actress, I was sure of this for nearly a decade but I don’t know where to start. I can pretty much fake any emotion, cry on cue and what not. But I do think I need more … Continue reading

Your Questions About Actors Access

Lisa asks… Actors Access help?!? So I just made an Actor’s Access account, and I have question. When I submit for roles, is that all I do or what do I do after I submit for a role? admin answers: Right,then you wait to see if they contact you for an audition. PS. No point … Continue reading

Your Questions About Actors Access

Robert asks… How do people apply to become an actor? I have read stories of people who didn’t try to be actors and went to the disney school for fun and ended up an actor. Where do you apply to disney and what kind of work do they do there. I was thinking of doing … Continue reading