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Your Questions About Acting Auditions In Texas

Sandy asks… what is the age limit for acting, who do you contact? I’m 18 about to graduation high school in June 2013. I’m planning on moving to Los Angeles California in two years after I finish college here in Texas to become an actress. since I was 9 years old I wanted to act … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

Linda asks… Traveling tips && tricks ? I’ve never travel for more then a few hours. I’m going to take an airplane to Europe soon and I was wondering what do you usually wear to be comfortable and what to do to keep entertain.. (: admin answers: As a frequent traveler and having rubbed shoulders … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies 2011

John asks… Name some good horror movies 2010-2011.? not too much gore and violent things admin answers: Here you go 2010 Horror Movies: Legion The Crazies The Wolfman After Life Daybreakers The Human Centipede (First Sequence) A Nightmare On Elm Street Physc:9 Splice George A. Romero’s Survival Of The Dead Predators REC 2 Piranha 3D … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Quotes

Sharon asks… Quotes???? i need quotes kinda like these ones… A brunette and a blonde with an inseperable bond So we’re a little crazy . . . but that’s how we roll Me and my girls are so fly, we have our own airline we do act hyper ;; dance at random times && laugh … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Auditions For Kids

Jenny asks… When you audition for a professional musical what qualifications do directors look for? I’m 15 what do you suggest that I do from now till I graduate to do. I live in the middle east, Doha so there is not much to do. I can sing and dance and act I was wondering … Continue reading

Your Questions About Acting Tips And Exercises

Mandy asks… What are good exercises for upper body and abs? I need help on exercises for my upper body and my ab regions my lower body if fine but im training for JROTC Raiders and my team placed 2nd in the nation and I need help training so I can meet their standards and … Continue reading

Your Questions About Actors Access

Sandy asks… Access Actors, SAG-AFTRA Union meaning? Okay, I’ve been in Theatre for a while, I took a three year break while my first years in college and now I’ll begin to take acting classes at my university as I want to get back into theatre/acting. I’m 20, btw. Now I’ve been using Access Actors … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies

Chris asks… HERES A MOVIE POLL FOR U!!!!!!!? ill take the poll 2! fave movie? valkyrie funniest movie? get smart saddest movie? armegeddon SCARIEST movie? aliens fave series? die hard fave movie made from a book? twilight fave romance? mulan rouge fave drama? I DONT NO ABOUT THAT ONE ACTUALLY fave G movie? IDK fave … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movie Star News

Paul asks… Is there anyone with information on the Etta James movie starring Beyonce.? admin answers: Http:// according to this article you are right about the movie coming out Mandy asks… Will Smith the biggest movie star in the world? Why does Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp get so much media attention when … Continue reading

Your Questions About Movies Coming Soon

Steven asks… Is that “Halo Wars” movie coming out soon? I’ve heard the ads for the movie, is it really coming out soon? admin answers: About the movie idk..but “halo wars” is the name of the halo RTS game coming out for the pc not the movie Lizzie asks… Any new war movies coming out … Continue reading