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Your Questions About Acting Auditions For Kids

Daniel asks…

Is it necessary to kiss a girl in hollywood movies?

Is it necessary to kiss a girl when acting in a audition movies in hollywood and do you have to kiss the girl or not?
Also if you have a different religion that doesnt allow it?

admin answers:

Most auditions don’t involve kidding. But if that’s what the role calls for, that’s what you do. It’s called acting.
EDIT: Sorry. That’s supposed to be “kissing.” I swear it looked right when I posted it.

Robert asks…

I have an acting audition for the first time and am nervous i need advice?

So am going to an audition tomorrow but this audition is mixed up for people wanting to go into modeling, acting, and singing, and am going into the acting part, am i suppose to have my script ready, what should i present? I have a good memory so by tomorrow ill be done, by the way how long does my script have to be? What should i wear?

admin answers:

Okay, first you need to calm down, because judges can smell nerves and nervous makes your performance nervous and awkward to say the least.
Often times when you go into an audition, they have a script ready for you to read from and an actor/actress there to work with you. If you are given a partner, make eye contact, be sincere.
Since you are unsure, find a monologue online that suits you. If it’s too long they will cut you off DON’T take this personally, just understand that they have other performers to judge.
Just play it cool. Don’t be all awkward and nervous.
They will either like you or they won’t and if they don’t f**k ’em.
There will be other auditions. I’ve bombed so many auditions, but at the same time I’ve played plenty of other good roles:
Maureen – Rent
Ol’ Green Grasshopper – James and the Giant Peach
Fiyero – Wicked
Dionysus – The Frogs
Paulette – Legally Blonde
and now I’m getting ready to star in my own musical
Anthony: The Musical
But don’t sweat it, kid. Things happen. If they don’t like you they don’t.
Look professional or they won’t take you seriously.
They will like you or they won’t it doesn’t matter.
Because as one door closes a bigger, better, and more ornate door opens.
And visit:

Maria asks…

How can i start an acting career with no experience( im going to type a short story of mine )?

OK so i am 16 years old and i have been my whole life (since i was little) dreaming of how talented i am and successful i can be. Mostly everyone have told me i can make it. The problem is i do NOT have any experience unless being accepted to an acting school is countable but then again family problems i had to let that chance leave out of my sight. To this day i cant get over the fact i could have been a pro at acting but life happens. Where I live there isn’t that much opportunities unless if your either rich, have connections or runs in their family. I really want to AT LEAST audition to movies or anything so i can feel accomplish that i chase after my dream instead of just thinking. Any ideas of how i can visit not so expensive agencies or something?

admin answers:

If you love acting – then act. Audition for school plays and community theater. Take acting classes. Voice and dance lessons can be helpful too.

Understand that professional acting is business. Actors are not just “discovered”. If you’re thinking about a professional career – then you AND YOUR PARENTS (since you’re a minor) have to learn the industry. There are not a bunch of open auditions for professional work. For most professional work you have to be invited to audition, usually through an agent. And you can’t just hire an agent. YOU DON’T PAY AGENT UP FRONT. Legitimate agents are paid on commission, getting a percentage of what the actor makes. Since they are paid only if the actor books a professional job, they’re picky about who they take on as acing. And they can be picky because there are a lot more people wanting to be actors than there are roles.

And there are a lot of scams and rip offs out there. There are some acting schools (like Barbizon, John Cassablancas, John Robert Powers – that may have people audition, but basically accept anyone. That’s how they make their money, so they can’t be that picky. If you were accepted in to a school like that – then you don’t have to feel bad because it wouldn’t have been a huge opportunity for you. To protect yourself from scams and rip offs you really need to learn the industry better.

So like I said – you start acting by getting training and experience. Then do some research so that you understand the realities of attempt a professional career. A couple of helpful websites:

Mandy asks…

How can I start my acting career?

Well, to cut the long story short I Love Acting. So, I want to start acting professionally. My mom has enrolled me to an performing arts school(acting, dancing and singing) that I will be starting very soon. I really just asked this question to find out what: should go on my resume, how to get an agent and are there any other things I can do to help build my career?

Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

A performing arts school should be a helpful thing for you. Focus on having fun learning and growing as an actor and build a local reputation as a strong, talented and mature actor. Some things you can do. In addition to the acting, voice and dance lessons you can:

* Audition for what you can – school plays, community theater, student films, local productions.
* Perform with choir or dance troupe or other performance group.
* Read plays and scripts – all kinds – and keep an eye out for characters and monologues you love and want to develop.
* Read books and websites about acting – the craft/technique and the business end of things too.
* Join Speech/Drama club and look into competing in the acting divisions of forensic competitions.
* Contact local film schools and ask how they find actors for student films and check those resources. It’s a bit of a long shot since generally they’re looking for older people, but you can try.
* Keep up your grades in school. Embrace learning, you never know when you can somehow use that information later.

While you do that, your parents can research the to research and understand the business end of acting. You need to understand that you’re not going to get “discovered” or anything like that. That’s not how the industry really works. Professional acting is a business and there are a lot of scams/ripoffs out there. Since you’re a minor, your parents will have to be the CEO of any professional acting career you attempt. They will need to understand the industry enough to make sure no one takes advantage of you. They’ll need to understand the entire casting process, who the players are, what they do (and don’t do). They’ll need to be familiar with industry contracts, acting unions, legal requirements for minors in the industry. They will have to make connections and network with local people in the industry. Networking is how actors find out about opportunities. Some helpful websites for you and your parents:

Your acting training, experience and special skills go on your resume. Never lie on your resume. You (or your parents) can do an internet search to find examples for you to follow.

You get an agent by convincing one that you have the talent, training, experience and commitment to book professional jobs. Agents are paid on commission (never pay an agent up front). Since they’re paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. So again, networking is the best way to get an agent. Talk with your acting teachers/coaches, directors you’ve worked with and the like. Let people know you’re thinking about getting an agent and if you’ve impressed someone with your skills, they may be willing to refer you to an agent.

If your acting school has a good reputation, it’s possible they may attract agents and casting directors to showcases. So you might be able to get interest in you that way.

Another option is to research and make a list of of local talent agents (that you’ve verified are legitimate) and check into how to submit to them. Usually they want you to mail in your head shot and acting resume. If they’re interested in you, they’ll contact you. If you don’t hear anything back, then they’re not interested at this point. Some places that list legitimate agents:

Good luck.

Helen asks…

How do I get an agent for acting ?

Hi everyone!
I want to be a professional actress.
I had some lessons and I was in drama club and now a want to start professional acting. I would like to do something on Disney Channel. I´m 16 years old. am I to old?
So I know that I need an agent but how do I get one?

admin answers:

I think the best way to get in with Disney is to be employed by Disney at one of their theme parks, acting live. From there, you can be promoted from within.

Otherwise, they have open auditions for heavily-casted kid shows, and you wouldn’t need an agent… Just a good headshot, resume, etc.

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