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Your Questions About Acting Auditions For Kids

Robert asks…

I need a song to audition for Footloose?

Our high school is doing the musical “Footloose” next year and auditions are Tuesday. Anyone have any suggestions for a song to sing for the audition? I would preferably like a bold-ish song from another musical.

admin answers:

Are you auditioning as one of the adults or the kids?

For Wendy Jo, Ariel, Rusty, Urleen (teen characters):
Let’s Play a Love Scene – Fame
Don’t Tell Mama – Cabaret
I Don’t Wanna Be Here – Ordinary Days
Not For the Life of Me – Thoroughly Modern Millie
Fabulous, Baby – Sister Act

For Vi, Ethel, Betty, Lulu, Eleanor (adult characters):
Somewhere That’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors
Tina’s Mother – Ruthless
There’s A Fine, Fine Line – Avenue Q

Paul asks…

Where can I submit acting auditions to?

I am a 17 year old kid. I want to know if there is maybe a reliable website out there where I can submit videos of myself auditioning by email. Is there a way that maybe I can find somewhere that allows audition tapes to be sent in by mail if not by internet. Basically I want to know what the easiest way to audition is, which allows me to do it from my home.

admin answers:

Absolutely not – that’s not how the business works. Professional auditions come via professional agents. Professionals don’t spend their days trawling You Tube or whatever looking for new talent, when there’s thousands of professional trained actors available.

Sharon asks…

How to take off in your acting career?

I’m 14 years old I take acting class and starting to adution for for more plays being an actress has been my one and only dream I know people tell me it’s a hard industry to get into but I have a lot of faith where would I start and are agencies looking for lots of experience?

admin answers:

You start by talking to your parents. Professional acting is a business and your parents will HAVE to be very involved. Understand that you’re not going to get “discovered”. It’s more like starting a company and you are the product that has to be marketed and sold. So you need a good product (talent, training and experience) but you also have to understand the business end of things. There’s a lot of scams and ripoffs out there, so understanding the industry will help make sure people don’t take advantage of you.

But if you love acting, you should focus on learning and growing as an actor and building a local reputation as a strong, mature, and talented actor. Some options you have:

* Taking acting classes. Voice and dance lessons can be helpful too. You’ll want a school/program that has a strong reputation with well-respected instructors.

* Audition for what you can – school plays, community theater, student films, local productions. Performing with a choir or a dance troupe or other performance group is also helpful. Contact local film schools and ask how they find actors for student films and check those resources. Check out the websites for your local film commission and see what opportunties are there.

* Read plays and scripts – all kinds – and keep an eye out for characters and monologues you love and want to develop.

* Read books and websites about acting – the craft/technique and the business end of things too.

* Join Speech/Drama club and look into competing in the acting divisions of forensic competitions.

* Get together with friends and play improv games, make your own home movies or web series, put on your own productions.

* Keep up your grades in school. Embrace learning, you never know when you can somehow use that information later.

Then you and your parents can research the business end of things. You’ll need to understand the entire casting process, who the players are and what they do (and don’t do). You’ll need to understand industry contracts, actor unions, the legal restrictions for minors (in some states you need an entertainment work permit and a trust account established in your name to legally work in the industry). You’ll need to know how to market you and your skills. You’ll need to network and make connections in the industry. Some websites with helpful information for you and your parents:

Once you AND your parents are ready, you can look into getting a talent agent. You’ll need to determine if there is enough professional work in your area (of the type you want to do) that it makes sense for you to attempt to get an agent at this time. Agents are paid on commission, getting a percentage of what their clients make. (NEVER pay an agent up front.) Since they are paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. And they can be picky because there are a lot more people wanting to be actors than there are roles. So you can’t just go out and hire an agent, it’s more like they choose you.

The best way to get an agent is through networking. Maybe you impress an acting teacher or director you’ve worked with enought that they would be willing to refer you to a talent agent. Acting schools/programs with a strong reputation can attract talent agents to their showcases and you could get an agent that way. (Just be careful of “pay to play” scams.) Otherwise, you can submit your head shot and resume to several agencies. If they’re interested in you, they’ll contact you about an audition/interview. If you don’t hear anything back, they’re not intersted at this time.

Remember, you don’t have to have a professional career as minor to have one as an adult. Often child actors have trouble transitioning into adult roles. You can look into quality acting schools/programs for after high school. It’s not required for a professional acting career, but it can be helpful.

Good luck.

Donna asks…

How to act like Gavroche from Les Miserables?

I’ve got an audition on Monday for Les Miserables and I’m going for either Gavroche or the inn keeper (they said to have two acts at the audition – one choice and a reserve). Im wanting the role of Gavroche.

Could you tell me abut about him and how to be like him? Also, he’s got a cockney accent and sits like that too (I’m from Liverpool so a different accent)! Could you tell me how to sound like that or put a few websites I can learn from. Thanks 🙂

By the way – for you who don’t know who Gavroche is; he’s he young lad.

admin answers:

Gavroche is the ignored and underestimated son of the Thénardier’s and Eponine’s brother. Carry yourself with confidence when portraying him. Most of the young boys who have played Gavroche sing very staccato with a lot of emphasis on everything. Gavroche is probably the bravest of the baricade boys which leads to his confidence and idea that he is invincible. He just wants to be looked at as a fighter, rather than just a little kid. Gavroche should sing loud (because he wants to belong and be heard) and be have a lot of pride in his accomplishments. He was never formally educated or raised very well so you should have bad posture (But don’t loose his confidence and pride) and mess up the words a little. He tends to not finish his words, such as instead of saying “Lovely evening my dear” he ends most of the words early to create “lovely ev’nin ma dea(r)”.
Gavroche is too brave to be afraid of the barricade and is just happy to be with the older boys, so he almost always has a confident optimistic smile. Like when he joins in with “Drink with me”, although his sister just died right before him he is still happy to be singing with the guys and stays positive.

Sorry i don’t know that much about accents but i hope it can help you get into character more…..

Michael asks…

What’s the best website to get REAL Disney Channel and Nickelodeon show auditions?

I’m trying to find a good website that is REAL and not fake where I can get auditions for Disney and Nickelodeon shows. Like, when they are casting for one, a website that informs you. If you know a website that is real and not a scam, please let me know! Thanks!

admin answers:

@Jello- Debby Ryan is okay. I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say she’s “drunk and drugged.”

@Helena- Sure, that is a good site for knowing about Disney auditions, but it is not actually a site that gives you auditions.

You have to have an agent to audition for Disney. Those kids you see on Nick and Disney have had years of professional training, tons of commercial roles and bit roles in TV/Film prior to their Disney career, and they all have an agent.

Unless you have 1-3 years of good training OUTSIDE of school, as well as TONS of experience from community/regional theater, then you are not ready for an agent. You need to get an acting instructor first, and in a couple years, after you have a full resume, talk to your instructor about auditioning for an agent that can get you auditions for local commercials first. Good Luck!

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