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Your Questions About Acting Auditions For Kids

Donald asks…

How can I start my acting career?

I’ve wanted to be an actress since I wuz 3. Some of my closest friends say I should try to become one, but I don’t know how. Does anyone know how to get into the acting buisness? Please any answers will be appreciated thx(:

admin answers:

Alrighty! I studied up on child acting last year, because I like researching (nerd powers activate!). Sadly not voice acting though, which is what I want to get into.

1. Get acting classes. No matter how good you think you are.
2. Get a child working form filled out. I assume you’re a kid. Search online to find them, they have directions right on them.
3. Get an agent. Search the internet for that, I don’t know what area you’re in. But once you find one you think is good LOOK UP REVIEWS! There are so many scams out there.
4. Get auditions.
5. Don’t get out of classes! Ever!

That’s all. I really simplified the list, I could have made it miles long if I went through every little detail, but those are the main points. Hope I helped!

Sandra asks…

How do I get an agent for my kid?

She is 4 and has talent in singing, dancing , and gymnastics. I thought that agents were only supposed to work for a percentage of the money from the jobs a kid gets and all the ones I can find say that you have to pay. Are they a scam and how do I find a real one?

admin answers:

Anyone that asks for money to tell you how to get or do anything in acting you stay away from. It does not cost to get an agent. Agents only get paid when their clients work. They get 10% no matter how much you make. Any skills she has are a plus. This is a very time consuming and expensive endavor she needs to be really committed to this and you need to know how much time this is really going to really need to drop everything else to do this. If she gets really lucky and works steady she won’t have a reguler childhood she will go to school on the set. Until shes 18 you or someone will need to be on the set with her on every job she gets. Until she can drive on her own someone has to take .her on all the interviews. It will really be important if she can read and remember a script. She will need some acting classes
if for nothing else than to get her comfortable in front of a camera. You will pretty much need to move to where the work is which is los angeles for the most part. If your in L A get a copy of a mag called VARIETY it is like the bible of everything show business. Casting directors, agents, mgrs advertise in it. There are open calls for auditions that anyone can go on. Casting directors and mgrs hold acting classes. You pay by the class. When the instructor thinks she’s ready she will send you to an agent. She will also tell you if this is not for your daughter .you have to really make sure she is old enough to commit to this and its for her and not you. Our daughter started when she was 6 and was pretty succesful ,
it was a very good experience for her.she learned how to work and act around adults very early. If you are serious about this she has as much chance at success as anyone else. I just wanted to let you know what your in for. But good luck to you and her

Ken asks…

How can i start my acting career?

Hi i am 13 years old and a non union actor. I want to be a famous actor one day and i have very little experience. i have been in drama club for 2 years and was in 2 school musicals and this year i tried out again and got the part of Sebastian for The Little Mermaid. However i don’t want to just do school plays, i want an acting class but my parents don’t have the money for it so what should i do. Also i want to participate in community theaters so what should i do there. My plan was to build up some experience until i was seventeen then sigh up with a good agency i have in mind but i just don’t know how i can actually build up experience so please help.

admin answers:

Get an acting coach there pretty cheap… They will teach you different personalitys that you will need to know….. Also you want to start down and work your way up like get a small part as an extra in a movie to get to know and be familiar with everything…. You need to make a portfolio to send to an agency if they like you they will call you to come in… When you get there… You will be in a room with other kids your age they want you to talk to them and really bond with them.. They will give you a script to read in front of 6 people and a camera… Just be yourself and act the best way you think will fit the script… Even if it’s embarresing to act out you need to do it it’s your reputation on the line you want a good first impression… You will have to fill out an application about your self and if they like you they will call you and have you come back… They will hook you up with an agent and they will get you jobs and auditions for commercials and movies for you to do…. I had to do all that but it was worth it because I was in super 8 and that was alot of fun!! Hope this helps.

Maria asks…

Are there ever open casting calls in LA for Disney?

I would like to go to an audition for kids 10-17 years of age, so are there any open casting calls for Disney? If so, when?

admin answers:

This is not the correct forum for this question. Post it in the acting and theater forum.

Yes, there are open casting calls. But most go to agents. Try googling “open casting calls”. If there is an open call, you’ll have an advantage if you have done other work. So don’t just sit back and wait for the Disney gig. Get anything you can.

Ruth asks…

How do people land jobs acting in movies?

And I mean, like random people who we have never heard of for like things like dragonball and the avatar movie that’s gonna come out.
Do directors cruise the streets going, “Hey kid, yo wanna be in ma movie?”

admin answers:

If you really want to do that for a career you almost have to get and agent! Acting agencies have auditions sometimes but mostly you just send in your resume to them and they’ll contact you if they want to represent you!! It’s ok if you have not done any work before just include your on it and your hair colour etc.
However, I know not everyone can do this-it’s expensive!! But you only pay everytime the agent getsyou into something. By the way- most major stars start in commercials unless they where really lucky!!
If you google ‘disney auditions’ the site for their auditions will come up . It tells you when and where there is an open audition and at the bottom in the blue box there are usually movie auditions. It also tells you where to send your resume under principle casting address. It is regularly updated but most of the auditions are in America!! I’m Irish so this sucks!! Meaby you’re luckier!!
Let me know if you ever get famous on this advice!!!

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