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Your Questions About Acting Classes

Thomas asks…

Acting Classes in Maryland!?

Okay so I’m a high school senior and I’m thinking about pursuing acting after high school. The problem is I’ve never done any plays or anything (but I plan on doing stuff this year!) but I really want to take some acting classes so that I’m familiar with techniques and to prepare me for auditions! The problem is I don’t really know any good studios in Maryland/DC ( pg county) that aren’t expensive. One studio was charging $450. I just need a list of some good studios that charge a reasonable price.

admin answers:

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Lisa asks…

Online acting class? Help?

Is there an online acting class, preferably one that sends emails to you, where they help you become a better actor and give you acting exercises?
My parents can’t afford to sign me up at any acting class here…
I know the chances of becoming big are slim, but I want to and I believe I can become an actress. It’s not a waste of time.

admin answers:

Hi there,

An acting class is a place where you are introduced to different exercises and are then given feedback by the instructor. On-line ‘classes’ can’t possibly offer you feedback- so you may misunderstand the exercises and do the ‘wrong thing’ over and over again without feedback.

Perhaps there are classes offered in your school, or a community center- if so, register for them.

You can also read plays, and poems and practice performing them (for family and friends). Read acting books- there are so many that it’s hard to recommend just one or two- begin by reading everything that you can get out of your local or school library.

I’m not sure what your age is- but when you are old enough consider getting a part-time or summer job and use the money to pay for classes.

Also, audition for all the local and school plays- theater is a great practice tool.

Hope this helps.

Jenny asks…

Acting classes?

I’m a teenager and I need an acting class in Los Angeles, CA.
I want an acting class in the Valley Area, Westwood, Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, and Encino.
But that’s basically it.
Are there nice ones?

admin answers:

Here’s a list of studios that have acting classes for kids in Southern California:

I would make up a list of questions you want to ask and start calling places that are in the areas that are ok with you and your parents. Some schools will let you audit (try) a class for free so you can see what it’s like before you sign up for anything. You may want to ask what classes they have available for your age and whether they require an audition. You can also ask who teaches the classes and what their credentials are.

Good luck!

Susan asks…

What is Acting Class ?

So I have been going to community college so I can get a degree for Theatre. But I stopped taking courses there because of financial aid wont pay for my classes. I was thinking of joining an “acting class” but im not really sure if that is a college course or ??? Can you guys tell me EXACTLY what that is?

admin answers:

Like people take an exercise class or dance class, you can take acting classes. They are not college courses, you don’t get college credit, you don’t work toward a degree. What you do is learn about acting – beginning classes cover general things and then there are acting classes that can be more specific like how to do scene study or how to audition or how to do improvisation. (Like there are classes for tap dancing or ballet or ballroom dancing.)

What you want are good, quality classes with well-respected instructors. That may mean having to talk with people in your area who are already involved in the acting industry to get their opinions on the different classes offered in the area. Sometimes a theater may offer classes. Sometimes you can take classes at a community college on your own (without it going toward a degree). Sometimes individuals offer acting classes.

In addition to helping you improve your acting skills, a good class is a way to start to network and get to know people in the industry in your area. If you can impress an acting teacher with your skills and the teacher has connections in the community – they might let you know about audition opportunities or refer you to a local talent agent or things like that.

But often people take classes as a hobby – for fun and because they really do enjoy acting. And you have that option too. But if you’re interested in pursuing a professional acting career you have to understand that it’s a business. It’s like running a company and you are the product that has to be marketed and sold. So you might want to do some research on your own to learn more about the business end of things and what it takes to manage a professional acting career to make sure it’s really something you want to do.

A helpful websites:

You might want to also check out some books about the acting industry and the business end of things.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

One on one ACTING CLASSES? Acting REfferals?? Please help!!?

I woul dlike to tak e one on one acting class in NY, I found two studios that I am considering but it doesnt state the price. What do you think can teh approximate price be??
Also, some agencies like CESD and other big acting agencies, say that its good to have a referral from someone , who other than casting directors does the referral have to be from?? Can it be from an acting coach that is an actor him or herself??

Thank you!!! Juse let me know anything you have to say! 😀

admin answers:

One on one acting classes are for before you go to a major audition. NOT for learning to act in general.

When you learn acting in a one on one setting, you’re at a disadvantage. Part of acting is being to work with and react off of different personalities. You get this in a GROUP setting but NOT in a private setting. In private setting you’re only working with one person and become a one note person coming out.

Here are the BEST schools in NY:
-William Esper
-HB Studios
-Stella Adler
-T. Schreiber
-Weist Baron
-The Atlantic School
-Upright Citizens Brigade
-Margie Haber
-Redwall Productions (Rosalyn Coleman)
-Neighborhood Playhouse
-Circle in the Square

Agency referrals can come from casting directors, managers, producers, or respected acting teachers who like your work. Also, a fellow actor who is with the agency that you’re interested in can give you a referral by dropping your headshot and resume on the agent’s desk.

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