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Your Questions About Acting Classes Nyc

David asks…

Acting Classes in NYC?

I want to take classes in NYC this summer. I have been looking a lot at HB studio. Any advice? Suggestions? Thanks

admin answers:

Jake the Snake is giving you BAD advice and doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

HB is a GREAT school. It has a long history of producing quality actors. It’s also very affordable.

Here are some more TOP schools in NY:
-William Esper
-HB Studios
-Stella Adler
-T. Schreiber
-Weist Baron
-Upright Citizens Brigade
-Margie Haber
-Redwall Productions (Rosalyn Coleman)
-Neighborhood Playhouse
-Circle in the Square

Joseph asks…

acting colleges in NYC?

What are some colleges in NYC that have good acting and improv classes?

admin answers:

The BEST collegiate program is the U.S. Is Tisch at NYU.

The alumni list speaks for itself:

Other Top Collegiate Programs:

Do you need a BFA/MFA degree to act? Nope. Will it help? Maybe…

I majored in both business and music in college. The business degree was my best decision for many reasons. Because of it I have been more successful than my colleagues who have either started the same time as I did or have been doing this much longer. Thanks to my business degree, I have been able to successfully market myself, network effectively, be more professional, avoid scams, know tax loopholes/write offs, etc. It has also helped me produce multiple streams of income so I can pursue acting because I enjoy it and NOT as a source of income.

This is called show BUSINESS, not show-screwing around.

Also, I believe college is about experiencing as much as you can. Audit as many classes outside of your major and get involved with campus activities. Part of acting is living the life. Get a rich college experience so you have a good story to tell through your experiences.

My beef is with year+ institutions like AADA and BFA/MFA programs is this. I believe in being more diverse in my training. The year+ programs can sometimes be like factories where they churn out actors who are taught pretty much the same thing through a structured curriculum. What might work for one person, will NOT work for a different person.

Also, a lot of the conservatories and BFA/MFA programs have strict policies such as NOT being able to audition outside of their school or study at other places simultaneously. I think this is limiting to the actor. The actor should have the freedom to audition for outside projects and add to the current curriculum.

Diversify your training:

Some of the Best Non-Collegiate Schools in LA:

Cold Reading/Auditioning
-Margie Haber
-Brian Reise
-Amy Lyndon

-Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!
-Chris Game
-Stuart K. Robinson
-Stuart Stone
-Killian McHugh
-Francine Selkirk-Akerman
-Carolyne Barry

Improv (All four are great)
-Second City
-Upright Citizens Brigade
-Improv Olympic

Scene Study/Acting (It varies. Some schools are not for everyone. Chubbuck, Eric Morris, and Howard Fine are not for people who aren’t fans of Strasberg or Uta Hagen (ie. Affective memory and substitution.) Playhouse West, Joanne Baron/DW Brown, and Acting Corps are more Meisner oriented. Try to audit these places and make sure if they’re for you or not.

-Doug Warhit
-Kimberly Jentzen
-Beverly Hills Playhouse
-Howard Fine
-Stella Adler
-Ivanna Chubbuck
-Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown
-Tom Todoroff
-Playhouse West
-Aaron Speiser
-Acting Corps
-Eric Morris

-Scott Sedita
-Lesly Kahn

Some of the Best in NY:
-William Esper
-HB Studios
-Stella Adler
-T. Schreiber
-Weist Baron
-Upright Citizens Brigade
-Redwall Productions/Rosalyn Coleman
-Margie Haber
-Neighborhood Playhouse

Sharon asks…

Acting classes/school?

Ok. So. I have only been in plays and I guess I need voice lessons and acting classes for an agent to consider me. So does anyone know good any really good places to go for acting? Like famous acting schools. I live close to San Fransisco/Redwoodcity (If anyone knows where that is.) If you dont know any places do you know a place where I can look up this information (websites)
Thank you!!!

admin answers:

Others before me has already given the details about the practical aspect.
About the side of acting , I must have done hundreds of dramas,- English, French, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Bengali. I am not a brilliant and all staccatto , though I was known as veteran , the youunger ones very often wondered in the beginning what was the reason I was well known. It used to take time for me to warm, I was like a tube-light that took time to initially burn. However I alawys managed to concentrate even in the streets during those periods and slowly I was able to go ahead much faster than even the elder veterans. It is extremely important to feel yourselves in the shoes of the character that you were playing ,ie. Truly to get identified with it.
Probably 4or 5 times in my life I got identified in the character; and my lord the experience of it stays with you till the end of time.
I was doing a very small part of The Dansker in Billy Budd. I don’t know what happened, I just became the Dansker for those few moments. Everybody was of the single opinion that I had done the best in the play. For years together my director and the people had asked me what exactly had happened. The true solution is to concentrate, concentrate during the practice . And Lo ! The last day or sometimes the grand rehearsal day you are different, – that character!

I have found something near San Francisco on web; Go on google and write , ‘ Acting School in San Francisco ‘ . You will get a host of sites. I am posting a few :

Sponsored LinksMichael Howard Studios Conservatories, Workshops and On-Going Classes Available!
Stage, Film & TV Acting School headed by Mike Nichols George Morrison & Paul Sills in NYC

Local business results for Acting School near San Francisco, CA A. New Conservatory Theatre Center – – (415) 861-8972 – 3 reviews

B. American Conservatory Theater – Conservatory and Administration … – – (415) 834-3200 – 1 review

C. Jean Shelton Acting School – – (415) 433-1226 – 1 review

D. Kids on Camera TV Acting & Modeling School – – (415) 440-4400 – more

E. Cliff Osmond School-Creative – – (415) 986-3435 – more

F. Loco Bloco – – (415) 864-5626 – more

G. Voice One – – (415) 974-1103 – more

H. Kameili Shop – – (415) 291-8999 – more

I. Mother of Invention Acting School – – (415) 724-0195 – more

J. Kai Ming Headstart – – (415) 931-1088 – more
More results near San Francisco, CA »

Acting Class in San Francisco for Film and Theater – Mother of …Andrew Utter, instructor, MFA Yale School of Drama. Andrew Utter teaches acting classes for film and theater actors in San Francisco based on his training … – 18k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

Shelton Studios – San Francisco Film Acting & Theater ClassesSan Francisco acting school … Studios is nationally recognized as one of the finest professional film and theatre schools for actors and directors. …

Show map of 533 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102 – 10k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

Thomas asks…

Acting classes for teens in NYC?

For the past few weeks I have been searching the internet for acting classes/youth theaters in New York City. There have been a few programs I’ve found, such as Tada! (my high school schedule is too hectic), Stella Adler (can’t afford it right now), and CAP21 (sames as Stella), but I can’t join them. There are some programs I can’t research online, so does anyone have any ideas for acting classes/youth theaters in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or whatever borough? I really want to get some acting experience so I go to a great acting college/conservatory.

admin answers:


Daniel asks…

Any Classes for Voice Acting in New York (Near NYC)?

Ok I’m 13 years old turning 14 this year. And I really want to get into voice acting. Are there any schools besides ACTeen that could help me in voiceovers in New York? I really have dreamed of this and have made up my mind. If anyone knows of any decent voice-over programs for teenagers, in New York, please let me know!

admin answers:

Most voice acting is done by experienced actors. There is not much work for young teens. To succeed you will need the efforts of your parents to get you the training you need, make a demo and submit it to agents. You are too young to sign a contract and your parents have to do that for you. Better get them on board.

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