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Your Questions About Acting Classes Nyc

Donald asks…

Acting classes in NYC for teens?

I found some… but they are REALLY expensive. Well for me. They are like 1,000-5,000 dollars! Are there any good ones for like… way cheaper? LOL…

admin answers:

If they’re John Robert Powers, Barbizon, John Casablancas, NuStars, or ACT/tHE, then they’re SCAMS!

Here are some of the BEST in NY that are under $1000-5000:

In NY:
-William Esper
-HB Studios
-Stella Adler
-T. Schreiber
-Weist Baron
-Upright Citizens Brigade
-Margie Haber
-Redwall Productions (Rosalyn Coleman)
-Neighborhood Playhouse
-Circle in the Square

Helen asks…

NYC Auditions for Acting?

1. How can i audition in NYC (i live in NY but an hr away from NYC)

2. How can i Memorize lines FAST AND EASY!!?(for t.v. shows)

3. Ive been playing the piano since i was 4 (curr., im 13 yrs old_) & I’m getting a vocalist so..

4.Wht kinda auditions are there> like for shows or..

admin answers:

1. Professional acting is a business and involves A LOT more than auditions. Your parents will HAVE to be involved if you’re a minor. Basically you (or your parents) need to learn the business end of the industry. You need to understand the entire casting process, who the players are and what they do (and don’t do). And be careful because there are a lot of scams/ripoffs out there.

If you’re a minor, there are certain requirements like an entertainment work permit and a trust account established in your name before you can legally work in the entainment industry. Then you need to find out about the auditions. If you’re looking for movie, TV or commercial work – generally those are arranged through talent agents. So you would need a talent agent to get those. You might be able to find some low-to-no-pay jobs listed on some websites. If you apply for those you’ll need a professional head shot and and acting resume. Usually you submit those in and then if they’re interested in you, they contact you for the auditions. (But be very careful, there are a lot of scams/ripoffs out there.)

You can check various listing (like to find out about open theater auditions. If you don’t belong to Actors Equity Association (the union for stage actors), you can spend all day waiting for open Equity auditions and not actually get to audition (since preference is given to union members).

If you were thinking you could show up at some open audition and be “discovered” you’re going to be disappointed. But a good website for you and your parents to look over is run by a non-profit group for families in the enteratinment industry:

2. Practice. It’s also helpful if you have taken the time to understand the character, their motivation, their wants/desires, their relationship with the other characters, the goals and objectives of a scene.

4. Without an agent the type of auditions are for low-to-no-pay like maybe student films. But even that will be hard because of the restrictions on when and how long minors can work. Often adults are cast as teens since they don’t have those restrictions. You might want to try sticking closer to home – work on building a reputation as a talented and mature actor where you live. Take acting classes (voice lessons like you’re planning and dance lessons too can be helpful). Audition for school plays, community theater, local productions. Perform with local choirs, dance troups or other performing group. Compete in the acting divisions of speech/drama forensic contests. Read plays and scripts keeping an eye out for monolouges and characters you love and want to develop.

While you do that, your parents can investigate the business end of the industry. Then when you’re both ready, you can consider whether or not it’s a good move for you to try to find an agent.

Good luck.

Richard asks…

Acting Classes for the summer?!?!?!?

Okay this summer I am on a mission. HaHaHa.
Well I want to actually spent my summer time doing something good rather than sit at home watching tv,going to the beach & just hanging out . [ even though thats fun ].LOL.

I want to find acting classes that…..

– teach you the basics of acting
– train you well
– have shows
– are strict & serious about acting

I am trying to dedicate my summer to A C T I N G .

Do u know of any good acting classes ? Or like things that involve acting ……?…or AT LEAST ways that I can do shows in NYC ?!?![MANHATTAN]

PLZ! I just want a good fundamental acting class in where at the end we do a classic play or mini movie .

Thank – You.

For ppl with acting in their hearts u know its hard to find great acting schools now in days.


admin answers:

I highly recommend the summer acting course at American Academy Of Dramatic Arts. NYC
It is an intense program, amazing training and technique, at the end you will perform a scene for audience with special invited guests.

Sandy asks…

Acting classes for teens in nyc?

I’m 14& I live In NYC. How can I start acting. Any advice? Castings?

admin answers:


I know a place I went to a few years ago its called NYFA (New York Film Academy) Try it

Good Luck

Sandra asks…

Free acting classes in NYC or UWS?

Hi there I love in NYC (obviously) and I really want to find some free (if not cheap) acting classes. Any suggestions? Serious answers only.

admin answers:

The quality of the training and the level of industry recognition of the people teaching the course are factors to consider here. There are many, many people out there offering training who have neither the skill nor the correct motivation to teach vulnerable, aspiring actors.

In the acting world, more than other occupations, the old adage “nothing for nothing” applies. This extends beyond training to work. If you don’t have what agents are looking for, you won’t get work. Self belief and a few dodgy courses will not recommend you to any good agent. They can pick and choose and they do. Select your training provider wisely, or you will be wasting your time.

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