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Your Questions About Acting Classes Nyc

David asks…

Acting Classes/acting training?

I’m 14yrs old&i live in NYC. Where can I go to get acting training? Any improv classes? Advice?

admin answers:

There are a ton of places you can go to in NYC to get acting training. You just have to look online. NYC is like the best place for acting training. There’s HB studios and a few other places. You just need to search up acting coaches.Do be warned those classes are not free and they are very expensive. They can cost as much as $350+. Just type in “acting classes in NYC for teens”. You should find a bunch. Even community theater’s have acting classes and 2 year acting programs. You just gotta ask your mom to call places up to find out more info. Don’t call yourself because at 14 you cannot do anything without the supervision of your parent in this business until you are 18 years old.

Thomas asks…

Suggestions for a teen acting class?

I’m 15years old and I live in Manhattan, NYC. I haven’t had any professional acting lessons and would like to attend classes. Can someone recommend a very good, self-changing acting class for teenagers (that includes a beginner’s class) located in Manhattan?

admin answers:

The site has tons of acting schools, etc., throughout the city that use their service. You should try putting an inquiry in there for what you’re looking for. The school will then get in touch with you themselves and inform you with what they offer and their pricing. You would then have lots of different options to decide from and could narrow it down by looking up reviews about them online or whatever if you wanted more information. That is how I found my classes and they have been working out great! I hope this helps and you check it out!

Best of luck!

Michael asks…

Acting classes in america?

I don’t want to go to a university but would like to take some classes by a *respectable* company.

It doesn’t matter where they are located (preferably not LA or NYC because of my 5 year plan) but I am moving to any city (the best for acting) and need to have classes for beginners.

admin answers:

You need to look at the level of industry recognition of the school, wherever it is. There are many schools set up (some are actually franchises where anyone can buy in) as money making organisations.

If your five year plan involves training to actually become an actress, you need to look at the qualifications and experience of the teachers at the school. You also need to look at the alumni of the school and whether they “showcase” their graduating students to agents.

Any “beginner” class means that the people you are training alongside will not necessarily have any real ability or motivation to become an actor. If you are serious about acting you need to audition for the best acting schools in America. Even with top level training and experience it is still very hard to secure work in this industry. Best of luck.

Susan asks…

acting advice for someone trying to break into to acting?

i want to break in to acting i took one acting class and will be starting another harder one very soon and geting singing lessons soon but i want to know what elas i should do to put on my resume befor i evern think of looking for an agent i live about an 1 houre and 15 min away form NYC

admin answers:

As a director, I can tell you 90% of it is just SHOWING UP. This might mean your ‘support’ job between gigs needs to be something you hate and can quit easily — but if I invite someone to audition and they don’t show, or have a lot of trouble showing, I figure they won’t have an easier time showing up to any of the other stuff they need to appear for (remember — acting isn’t just showing up to film a movie at your convenience! Everyone’s depending on you to show up when called; and in addition to the performance there’s also auditions, sometimes callbacks, costume fittings, makeup tests, and so on depending on the complexity of the production.) Also, don’t even bother to audition for things if you have a vacation coming up; it’s just annoying, on both ends, to go to all the trouble of auditioning someone and decide to give them the role only to be informed they’re going to be out of town the week of the actual filming/staging/whatever. You say you live over an hour from NYC, so remember that when you think about auditioning — are you going to be able to make that trip daily if needed?

Being dependable and able to show up when called is often worth more than acting ability — I’ve had more than one production where the best actor was too unreliable, and the role had to go to a worse actor who nevertheless could be relied upon to appear for the necessary occasions.

Carol asks…

Acting classes on long island?

Are there any really good acting classes on Long Island, New York? I want to take them but i don’t know of any good ones. Not acting schools, just places to take classes like a few times a week. And ones for a reasonable price. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hey, Amanda,

I took acting lessons at Nassau Community College as a part of their Adult Ed course offerings a few years ago. That turned into acting lessons from an acting coach in NYC before I bounced to Herman Bergdorf Studios in NYC.

Nassau Community College doesn’t offer it right now (or any more… These courses come and go at the whims of the instructors, so if an instructor isn’t available, then bye-bye course.)

I don’t remember the name of the acting coach. (It was a long while ago.)

Herman Bergdorf is still (imho) one of the best acting schools out there. It’s a great place not only to learn, but to practice the craft. Classes are cheap; about $20 per session.

Some of the cast and crew I’ve worked with have taken lessons from places like Hofstra, Bare Bones Theater Company, and even The Whitest Kids You Know. (They have Comedy classes in the city.)

If you want to learn how to act on the super-cheap (and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE,) go to your local supermarket, village hall, library, church, synagogue, YMCA (the “Y”,) VFW hall, or playhouse (if your town has one,) and see what plays they’re performing. Ask around, and look for open auditions. You may not be the lead actress in the first play you ever do, but you might get a bit part, and that will get your feet wet in acting (on stage.)

Almost ALL of the people I’ve auditioned (for TV) and worked with (on TV and Film projects) have had SOME sort of background in community theater; be it as the flower in their kindergarten play, or as “Juliette” in their community playhouse’s rendition of “Romeo and Juliette.” Don’t knock the experience factor! 🙂

But I’ll be honest; some of the best “actors” I’ve ever worked with never took a day of classes IN THEIR LIFETIMES. They just become; they just do.

Hope that helps a little.

– Z

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