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Your Questions About Acting Tips

Michael asks…

Acting tips?????????????

I’m sorta shy, and love film making. But i find it hard to get in front of the camera, and i really want to. Any tips? ya know that every actor should know? thanks!

admin answers:

Hun, I’m the same way…It’s hard! When you want to do something so bad, but there’s a part of you that holds you back.

A year ago I could hardly talk to a camera by myself in my bedroom! I decided, what better way to practice than making youtube videos. You can practice speaking and doing things in front of the camera and get random feedback on your videos. You can also make monologues and get tips on your acting skills. 🙂 Since I started doing this:

I have become much more comfortable in front of the camera and I can ‘talk’ to it like I would talk to a friend. It’s not so scary anymore. And, having people watch my videos isn’t too scary anymore either. I really recommend it!

Also, if you can, take acting classes. It will help you express yourself in front of others. I need to take some acting classes myself to break out of my shell. Good luck and don’t let your shyness stop you! Ever!

Thomas asks…

Acting tips?

I’m doing acting for the first time this year…so I was wondering if you could offer any tips?

admin answers:

During a performance never, no matter what, break character (stop pretending to be the person you are portraying and start acting like yourself).

Always do breathing and tongue exercises (ma, may, me, or tongue twisters) before a performance.

Some people are just naturally talented. It does not mean they are better. With a little work you can surpass their talent and be an all around better actor/actress.

Disappointment is a big part of acting. If you don’t get the role you try out for, you can be sad but don’t despair. Everybody starts out small.

Your classmates/ fellow actors are always their for you. Even if you have a fight with them they will be willing to put aside differences if you apologize, and if they apologize you should do the same.

ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE TECHIES. If they say “Jump!”, jump.

Your theater teacher/ director may not always be right, but arguing will do no good.

Everybody in theater is a little dramatic. You need to learn to roll with their complaining and their constant competition.

There’s no lie in the saying “Small parts are the most fun!” With small parts you get freedom to really express yourself, and sometimes the smallest parts are the most memorable.

If you have to play the opposite gender do it without fuss. Same goes with kissing. It’s all part of the theater, it’s all part of the act.

Most important rule of acting: HAVE FUN.

Ken asks…

Acting tips?!??!?!?!?!?!?

I suck at acting when it comes to having my facial expressions down packed.
I can easily read with emotion. But my facial expressions be messed up lol.Tips? free websites? anything?

admin answers:

Good acting is attributed to (but not limited to):
. Good listening
. Good reacting
. Good reading
. Good relating
. Good control/use of your mind, body and expressions
. Good projection
. Good direction and good with taking direction
. Good attitude
. Good assertiveness
. Good health and fitness
. Good imagination
. Good improvisation
. Good self esteem and self worth (not arrogant)
. Good drive and commitment
. Good eye and body language
. Good judgment
. Good risk taking (feeling the fear and doing it anyway)
. Good communication, interpersonal and networking skills.

All the best 🙂

Sandy asks…

Any acting tips?

no experinece
no coach
no clue how to strat
but am instered
quick question is acting anyone can to or are you born with it like singing

admin answers:

I think acting is a craft that can be learnt from others.
I think great acting is something that comes from within or from ones personal life-experiences.
That said, everyone has to start somewhere!

I have found a couple of sites you may find of help:

Jenny asks…

I need help finding this book? Acting tips?

Okay, I’m considering doing acting. But, I can’t find any local acting classes. So, I was thinking about buying a book with tips for acting, basically like a class for acting all wrapped into a book. I’m only 12 years old, so I need lots of experience before I can actually act on Television or something small like being an extra in a movie. Unfortunately, the acting industry today only has teens in the running for Television shows. So, I need about a year or two before I can do something like this.

ANYWAY, any books that help you with acting?
And do you yourself have any acting tips for me?

admin answers:

Books are NOT substitutes for classes. They WILL help you in finding the right classes for you.

Books on the acting business:
-Acting is Everything: Gold Edition-Judy Kerr
-How to Be a Working Actor-Mari Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers
-How to Get Arrested-J. Wallach Michael and Paul Thurwachter
-An Agent Tells All-Tony Martinez
-One Less Bitter Actor: The Actor’s Survival Guide-Markus Flanagan
-So You Want to Be in Showbusiness?- Steve R. Stevens
-Acting Truths and Lies (purchased at

-Intent to Live-Larry Moss
-Acting for the Camera-Tony Barr
-Acting in Film-Michael Caine
-Acting Class: Take a Seat-Milton Katselas

Method Acting:
-Art of Acting-Stella Adler
-Sanford Meisner on Acting-Sanford Meisner
-A Dream of Passion-Lee Strasberg
-Actor’s Art and Craft-William Esper
-The Power of the Actor-Ivanna Chubbuck
-No Acting Please-Eric Morris
-Respect for Acting-Uta Hagen
-Challenge to the Actor-Uta Hagen
-You Can Act!-D.W. Brown

-8 Characters of Comedy-Scott Sedita
-The Sitcom Career Book-Mary Lou Belli

Auditioning/Cold Reading:
-How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart-Margie Haber
-Audition-Michael Shurtleff
-Secrets to Successful Cold Readings-Glenn Alterman

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