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Your Questions About Acting Tips

Charles asks…

I need some acting tips plz?

i need some acting tips plz because im a terrible actress xD i think im speaking loud and speaking with feeling but im not = i need help!

admin answers:

Google it! Performance tips, acting tips, acting books. Whatever you can think of. If you’re in high school, talk to your theatre director about it. Ask for some personal tips, ask how you’re doing, ask if he/she has any books with information you can borrow to better yourself. Look on youtube! Lots of tips, lots of performances around there. Watch shows, you can pick up a LOT of things from watching others perform.

I’ve ALWAYS had trouble with speaking loudly enough. I have a naturally small and soft voice, so it’s harder for me. Use your stomach, do not strain your voice and scream, it comes from your diaphragm. Go online and look up diaphragm breathing, practice that a lot as breathing deeper using those methods will help a lot when it comes to projecting your voice.

As for emotion, sit at home and practice in front of your mirror. Try to pull from personal experiences. I think I learned the most about emotion in my voice by listening to others act, watching other performances live or through youtube or movies and such. Listen, practice, get into character before the performance so you aren’t trying to force yourself into character while speaking your lines.

Lisa asks…

Acting Tips!!???

At school in Drama i have to act as a cop/detective in a tv drama were making.

My character has to be serious but fun in a way and witty, sort of like Ziva on NCIS (if you know that show).

Does any one have any tips for me to make it convincing??

thanx XD

admin answers:

You could try acting. This is not as snide a comment as it may seem. Once you understand what acting is and what an actor does, it makes complete sense. You must use your imagination to see in your mind’s eye what the character is like and in reading the script you know what her reactions to things are, so all you have to do is match your imagination with your mind and body, and react as the character reacts to the situations that make her speak her lines, which are her reactions. Become the character while performing the role and work moment by moment, reacting to the stiumli of the scene.

Lizzie asks…

Acting tips needed?!?

I have been preforming in plays since a very young age but I am beginning to think about films. I have a very loud clear stage voice so is there any tips for acting in specifically films? I want to know before I turn up to an audition acting the wrong way

admin answers:

Theatre acting is more… Well, theatrical. Louder voice, more body language, over-emphasized facial expressions, etc. This is so people who are not sitting on the front row can see and hear what is going on. Acting on film, your performance needs to be more “realistic”. You don’t want the audience to know that you are acting, but conceive that you are “real”.

As for auditions, don’t be so loud (unless the script calls for it), don’t overplay facial expressions, don’t flail your arms about and overact as you would for a theatrical appearance, and most importantly, don’t be aware of the camera. Most casting calls record the auditions.

Chris asks…

Acting Audition Tips?

does anyone know where i can find or have some good acting audition tips? i’m trying to become a good actor and i have an open casting call soon. i really want to make a good impression…thanks!

admin answers:

I just read some really good acting audition tips on this talent site. The author got some feedback saying it was good advice as well. Talks a lot about the auditioning process, things to do to practice for open casting calls, things like that if that’s what you’re interested in. There was a blog post and a related article. I’ll give you both links to read.



Jenny asks…

Acting Tips.?

Okay well i love acting so much, and i feel that i can do better in my acting. but i need some acting tips to boost me uP! if you would please give me some ways to make my acting much better than i would really appreciate it . 😀

admin answers:

Certainly the fact that you “LOVE” it, is a bit abstract, in how LOVE is usually applied,,, BUT if you have a passion for acting, and are involved already, I suggest you assess your skill and experience level. It seems, by asking this Q, you have doubts, perhaps on multiple levels.

First and foremost, from an audience perception at least, is for the “actor” to be “believable”, as if they were actually LIVING that part, that character in a most natural sense, no matter the part. Character actors of any note, make that happen. Assume I spend $100 to see a play, and I want it to leave some impact on me, even AFTER I leave the theater. YOU might create that for me.

You should involve yourself deeply enough to know the part, as well, or better than you know your own name, attitudes, personality, and be able to MORPH yourself into whatever character you wish to portray.

You should PLAY to your audience, even enjoy them, but more,,, involve yourself as if there was no audience. You’re on a “stage”, but in a situation that might equate to real life, things said or done that relate to all others involved, as if it was all REAL, usual.

You should also assume, as one should in REAL life, that not everyone will react or respond favorably, and not be crushed by that.

You should also get to know the other characters you will interact with, even those off stage, support staff, who essentially HELP you be or become what you might. Know theater technology, Learn timing, or become a method actor in your own sense of stage presence. Believe that a Director is GOD, BUT more,,, enjoy what you do, not as a JOB, but as a part of your spirit, your desire to portray.

It’s called ACTING for a very specific reason.

Steven Wolf
Just my two “sense”

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