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Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

John asks…

Have any ACT tips?

I’m taking the ACT tommrow.
Got any tips or advice?

admin answers:

Most importantly, don’t freak out and try to cram anything in and lose sleep. Get a normal amount of sleep, but don’t sleep too much and get up at about the same time as you normally would on a school day if this gets you there on time still. Eat a good breakfast that will allow you not to get hungry, but don’t gorge yourself.
Try to use any tricks you have acquired for multiple choice tests. Don’t spend too much time on any one question and if the time is almost up, don’t leave spaces blank. You won’t lose points for guessing.
Bring plenty of pencils, erasers, a back up calculator, whatever extras you need to make you feel that nothing can go wrong. (most likely nothing will but it is one less thing to worry about)
Make sure to have everything ready the night before so you don’t panic that morning. Go through any checklist you may have for things to bring (ID’s and the like)
And finally, on a lighter note, don’t drink too much water during the bathroom break, you aren’t going to be getting another break until it’s done.
Good luck, don’t stress out, and you know what you’ve learned, just apply it and you’ll do well.

Thomas asks…

Can I please have some acting tips ANYTHING!?

Im getting an agent soon an I need tips like how i can really concentrate and focus on the main topic and how to bring my emotion out…. Thanks! ( I know what your thinking, “If you getting an agent why do you need help on acting?” Well I really need to focus more on how to act, like be better at acting

admin answers:

Well, just be natural. When you’re acting, let yourself become the character and feel their emotions. When you act, pretend you are not acting but instead you are bringing a character to life. It’s a hard technique to master but once you can become a character you have mastered a skill that will set you above the amateurs.
I’m not an actor but an author and this trick also helps when you are trying to portray a character realistically. Put yourself into the character’s shoes. How are they feeling in the situation the screen writer has put them into? Feel free to create a little backstory for them so you can understand why they feel a certain way. For comedy, find out who this character is and feel free to play them a little over the top. For drama and most anything else, find who this character is and make them a real person. It’s a little easier than it sounds.
Good luck!

Steven asks…

Tricks or tips to study for SAT and ACT?

I’m a junior and kinda need to start studying. I don’t need any help in math just critical reading and writing skills sections. there are really hard words that are hard to memorize too. so…
Help plzzzz (:

admin answers:

If you have an official word list for the SAT, make flashcards, carry them with you everywhere, and go through a couple every time you’re waiting for something. For the ACT writing section, get a book that has practice prompts and look up the official rubric for scoring. Then time yourself writing essays using the prompts and have a parent or someone who can write at a college level grade them against the rubric. There are also practice reading sections for the ACT on the official ACT website. Practice as much as possible. Get a book or a tutoring program if you really want to do well.

George asks…

Rosacea tips and tricks !?

I’ve had Rosacea for about 8 or so months, i went to the doctor and he gave me some cream and said i should start seeing a difference by this Christmas. The cream works sometimes but it makes my skin really dry and start to peel. I have Rosacea under my nose and a little on my cheeks. When i put foundation, pressed powder or concealer on under my nose it just brings out how my skin is starting to peel.

What i would like to know is how to get rid of the redness and dryness, home remedies would be perfect. And some makeup tips that wont make my skin show the peeling and wont make my face look more red.

I’ve heard that when you wash your face in cold water it will help not show the redness, but arent you suposse to wash ur face in warm water to open up your pores?
and can you please tell me what a really good moisturizer is? Something that isnt tested on animals if its not too much Please 🙂

admin answers:

Living with rosacea is about educating yourself, learning & understanding your own personal triggers, and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly. I’ve lived with rosacea for over 3 decades and my rosacea is well managed.
Check out these sites to learn more about what YOUR triggers might be:

Once you know your own personal food & environmental “triggers”, avoid them so you can avoid flare-ups of redness. (many people find food with histamines aggravate the redness)

You might try a more alkaline diet, which has helped reduce visible symptoms for many rosacea sufferers.

It’s up to you how much effort you want to put into caring for your health and your skin.

To reduce redness:
– avoid alcohol. Alcohol is generally a known trigger for most rosacea people.
– avoid hot things. Hot showers & hot tubs, hot drinks (the heat will dilate blood vessels causing more redness)
– avoid extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, windy…) Any harsh weather can cause inflammation of sensitive skin tissue.
– avoid extended periods in direct sun (always use sunblock for sensitive skin, with 15 – 30 spf)
– try a dairy milk face-soak during a flare-up (as long as you’re not allergic) The dairy milk helps to balance the natural PH of the skin

Increase your omega 3 fatty acids by taking supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, fish oils, etc… And by eating walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecan nuts (if you’re not allergic)
Ground Fennel seeds and Flax seeds, as well as Flax seed Oil supplements (omega 3’s) also act as anti-inflammatories. (reduce redness)
Omega 3’s aid in proper digestion and healthier skin.

There are products you can buy that are specifically made to help reduce facial redness:
– There is a face cream called ROSACURE which is an anti-redness cream formulated for rosacea-prone skin types.
– Guinot has a face cream called RED LOGIC which claims to neutralize the appearance of red blood vessels.
– LaTherapie Paris has a fortifying skin cream that is supposed to help soften high colour (reduce redness)

I know there are other brands & products that may be similar to those I’ve mentioned. You need to find the ones that work best with your skin and your body chemistry.

To reduce dryness:
– Drink more water and avoid all alcohol & caffeine products (coffee, tea, pop, etc..) Alcohol & caffeine will actually dehydrate your skin. Water re-hydrates from the inside out.
– Neutrogena makes an excellent moisturizer, simply called “Moisture”. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and they have a type that is specifically made for sensitive skin.
– Earth Science has an herbal facial mist that is an oil-free moisturizer which is sprayed (misted) directly onto your face. If you store it in the fridge, it is very refreshing and helps cool and lower the skin temperature of the face immediately. Because it’s a mist, it can easily be applied anytime.
– The Body Shop also has a variety of moisturizers that are not tested on animals, but nothing specifically made for rosacea.

Regarding Make-up:
When it comes to make-up and rosacea, less is better, as your skin needs to breathe to heal.
If you use foundation, find a make-up primer for sensitive skin. Apply a small amount to your face after cleansing & moisturizing, before applying your foundation. Use a good quality foundation, with a slight hint of green. It actually helps counteract the redness.
Avoid any foundations that have any pink or red tone to them. Those tones will only magnify the existing redness.

Here are a few other helpful, (and natural) hints for a better complexion for a lifetime:
– avoid touching your face throughout the day (dirt, oils, & bacteria from your hands can clog the pores)
– only use gentle, fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free cleansers on your face.
– avoid any scented soaps and creams (scents & fragrances can irritate sensitive or inflamed skin)
– have a daily facial cleansing routine (2x daily, morning & night. Do not scrub as this will irritate the skin)
– try using face lotion containing certified green algae or aloe vera gel (use lotions, not creams, as lotion is more gentle on the skin and absorbs more easily)

– drink pure green tea (matcha), rose hip tea, and fennel tea (great antioxidants)
– eat foods high in anti-oxidants; such as blueberries, cranberries, purple grapes, broccoli, etc..
– avoid spicy foods, greasy foods, and foods with a high refined-sugar content. (these foods disrupt the natural digestive processes of the body)

– try to get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night (aids in the healing processes of the body)
– try to cut down on stress (stress can magnify a multitude of conditions)

Check out the sites below for the most current, up-to-date information regarding rosacea…

Ruth asks…

Tips and tricks on how to act flirty/sexy casually?

I want this boy to notice me! Tips and tricks on how I can ack sexy without looking like an idiot!

admin answers:

Give him the opportunity to approach you. Don’t stay in a group. A guy may find it a little uncomfortable to approach you if you are in a large group of people. No man can bear a rejection in front of a herd. Also, he may feel that he can’t approach you because of your friends.

Ensure that you are sitting or standing alone for at least some time, so that he can approach you easily. Also, try to minimize the distance between the two of you. For example, you can sit at the chair next to him.

Remember that actions are powerful. There are multiple ways to act flirty, here are some of the best suggestions:

Compliments. Be sure to compliment him on things that are true. Sometimes people will make up compliments just to talk to someone, but that is the total wrong thing to do. You really should compliment on things you really like, so you sound more sincere naturally.

Eye contact. The eyes can be your most effective tool for flirting. It’s possible to make a guy’s heart skip a beat by giving him a playful, lusty, or lingering stare. Here is how to do it:

If you’re walking by someone you’ve got the hots for, give him a two to three second stare and then slowly glance away (slow is important). Smile just as you start to look away. He’ll get the message.

Additionally, when you’re talking to a guy you like, take a second to momentarily break away from his eyes and pause on his upper body or chest. Let two seconds pass. Then slowly move your eyes back up and make eye contact again. This will give him chills of excitement. He’ll realize that you were checking him out – and he’ll love it. However, be warned that shy guys will feel uncomfortable and more nervous, as much as they may like it!

Smile and giggle. According to polls, a laugh and a smile are the sexiest things a female can wear. If you perfect your smile and laugh to be seductive and sweet, you will find some great results. Practice forcing a natural smile and laugh, it can help through awkward situations.

Magic Touch: You can learn to brush a guy in such a way that you send tingles up and down his spine. Casually tap him while laughing, it will give him a sense of manliness and you a touch sweetie-pie, no pun intended

Start conversations. Approach him and start a light conversation to get things going, but don’t make it too obvious that you like him. If he approaches you, look him in the eyes as a sign of affection and confidence. The best opening line is saying hello. Talk about what you have in common, talk about your surroundings, ask a question, ask for help, state an opinion.

Get to know him. After he has come up to you and both of you have started talking, just try to find out whether he is your type or not. Is he one of the pushy ones or will stop at the line you draw. If you feel comfortable with him, carry on with the evening. In case he is not your type, just excuse yourself politely from his company. However, remember that you are the one who led him on. Now if you don’t feel up to it, don’t get outright rude.

Lastly, if he’s interested in you, don’t just go immediately to be “best friends” or”boyfriend.” Just start hanging out with him, and become friends, slowly become best friends, until it becomes even more! You want to make sure it is the right guy for you, and you know what he likes! It’s fine if he doesn’t seem your type; stick with him and you may have secured yourself a best friend for life!

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