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Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

Ruth asks…

Any last minute ACT tips?

I took the SAT last month and only got a 1900. Now im trying the ACT. Ive done the Princeton Review book, and i will be doing the writing test.
The test is tomorrow. Any tips??

admin answers:

1. Time management. The time per question is easier on the SAT than on the ACT, so you need to work efficiently and avoid getting caught on any one problem that you don’t immediately know the answer to. Try to condition yourself to be willing to quickly let go of a problem to move onto the next one.

2. Guess. Whether you read the problem or not, you should guess because there’s no penalty for wrong answers. My ex-girlfriend didn’t even read half of the Science questions, but put down the same answer for all the ones that she didn’t get to and got a 30 on the section. Better to put something down rather than nothing. At the same time, don’t spend too much time trying to narrow it down to two options; if you have the time to do that, go for it, but you should focus on trying to get all of the ones that you do know first.

3. Use common sense. Unlike the SAT, the ACT is more straightforward and based on logical deduction and reasoning, so even though you may have no idea what some of the symbols may mean in a Science passage or don’t know some words in an English passage, use the context and what you know to come up with some logical conclusions. The ACT may not be trying to purposely help you, but it’s also not trying to purposely trick you like the SAT, so go with what your gut instinct says because it’s probably right.

George asks…

flirting tips and tricks?

i am a guy…

admin answers:

There are ways to flirt “specially”…

Smile the eighth wonder of life. Seriously, a smile can do what words can’t. Smiling at a person you’ve been trying to get, is the first step to tell him/her that you’ve accepted him/her. Avoid acting pricey and shunning your potential date away. Put on that gorgeous smile and the rest will be His-Story!

Beautiful Eyes
There has to be some amount of truth in the cliché, ‘your eyes say it all’. Make an eye contact with the person you’ve been eying for so long. An eye contact works like a handshake. Firmer the eye contact, surer the person is of you. So make a strong eye contact of five seconds and then shy away, just for the heck of it! Shying away will create a mystery, and trust me, we are always after the unknown enigmas. So this one, out of flirting tips and techniques, is yours, you do it well.

Know Yourself
Some people dress up garishly and often in offending colors. By offending colors I mean they actually make themselves look like the biggest fashion disaster ever! Take this flirting tip seriously to analyze the best part of you. It’s meant for both, men and women. Carry yourself with elegance and ease. We all like to see Angelina Jolie in skimpy clothes, but don’t do, if you can’t carry it. The more at ease you’ll be, the better you’ll be while making your flirting moves. Read more on flirting tips for shy girls.

Sweet Everything’s
Communication is the key word. It’s very essential to start a conversation on a romantic note. If you are a guy, you could start a conversation with a romantic question like, ‘what’s your first love?’ and if you are a girl, you could begin with a romantic question like, ‘how was your first kiss’?. You can begin asking question if only you’ve reached that stage with each other. Whisper you sexy voice with the ‘sweet nothings’, which to me are ‘sweet everythings’ in her/his ear to move closer. Touch the shoulder as you whisper something in the ear and then accidentally touch your lips to the ears! The repercussions of this accident are definitely worth it! More on flirting tips for women and how to flirt with a guy.

See more… Http://

Nancy asks…

Acting tips? How to be a good actor? How to get the role you want?

admin answers:

The trick to acting is assuming the role you're portraying as best as you can. You can not let your own emotions, thoughts and opinions get in the way of great acting, you need to just get in the world of your character and act how they would act instead of yourself despite how you may look. People will respect you for honoring a characters role whether your performance is average or great.

Laura asks…

microphone tips and tricks?

im presenting a show and i was wondering what tips and tricks you can offer me to be entertaining and professional?
im just using a standard mic with a wire and i need some funny things to do?

admin answers:

You can start by going to a performing arts college. Joking aside. You do need a microphone . Get a Sm58 which is the industry standard for most live shows.

As for tricfks on performance, start tripping on your wire and stand on your head as Geremy puts it. And if that doesn’t work, close the microphone and do the deaf and dumb act. If all else fails, you can always sing a nice Geremy folk song.

Carol asks…

Fake Tan advice! .. Tips and Tricks?

I use St moriz Dark moose Fake Tan from Body care, which i love! However i find that after a few days it can become very flakey/scaley looking and i start to get patches and streeks as it comes off. Id love to be told about any Tricks or Tips to keep a healthy looking tan, Any products or Home remedies! Either before applying the tan or after! Would also love to hear of any experiences, thanksss! 😀

admin answers:

I have picked up lots of tips and tricks so hoepfully you find some of these useful 🙂

1. Do no use a sea salt or oil scrub. This will leave a film over the skin and make tan streaky. Shave first then use a good soap (I use body shop soaps) and an exfoliating glove. Rub over skin in a circular motion. Do everywhere you are applying tan.

2. Dont use a cream over whole body only do the areas which get very dry (for me this is my knees, ankles, elbow and knuckles) I use body shop body milk for this

3. I apply fake tan everywhere my hands, feet and face but to make sure they dont look too dark i mix the fake tan with a bit of cream (1 part fake tan lotion 1 part cream) this makes colour more subtle and adds moisture.

4. Once you’ve rinsed your fake tan off, apply a very good moiturising cream as many times as you can in the day (If you tan in the morning for a night out, apply cream at least twice before your night out) I use a tan prolonger to keep the colour intense for aslong as possible. It also acts like an aftersun making sure skin doesnt peel or flake.

5. To make my fake tan last even longer so i dont have to do weekly applications I use a gradual tanner before going to sleep each night. I use palmers gradual tanner and smoother this on before i sleep. This maintains my tan and moistuises my skin over night.

6. When having a shower do scrub body to hard as this will promote flaking and dry patches just gentle circular motions to clean skin.

I dont do all of these evry single time believe me you’ll get tired but the important ones are number 1, 2 and 4. You may find other products that do the same thing as the ones i use that you prefer so just look around.

Hope this helps you to a great tan

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