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Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

Steven asks…

Anyone have some Interview tips & tricks?

I’m going to a few interviews and need some tips and good answer ideas. I’m straight out of college, so the only interviews I’ve ever been on were the ones at little retail stores that didn’t matter much to me. Now that I’m trying to start a career I want to make a good impression and land a good job.

admin answers:

Good tips for interviews…research the company that you will be interviewing with…this way you will have some knowledge about the company you are trying to be a part of. Have questions to ask the employer or recruiter. Most interviewers ask the same general questions at interviews, practice mock interviews with family and friends to give you a sense of how to better assess your skills. Practice makes perfect.

These are the general questions I have heard from my interviews they may be worded slightly differently but this is essentially what they asked in most of my interviews:

How did you hear about the interview?

Tell me about yourself. What are your career objectives/goals?

Why did you choose to major in (your major)?

What about this position or career interests you most?

What makes you the best candidate for this job? Why should we hire you?

What is your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?

What are your three greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

Give an example of time when you ultilized leadership skills.

How do you act under pressure in a professional setting?

Are you a team player? Or more of an independent worker?

Questions you should have prepared to ask:

What is the outlook for the future of the company?
How soon does the position need to be filled?
What is the most challenging part about this position?
Are there opportunities to accelerate within the company?

Be sure to look professional, be on time be 15 min earlier if possible, and be sure to give good eye contact, give concise to the point answers, dont stumble with your words if you are baffled its okay to say you need a moment by saying thats an excellent question allow me a moment to think, high energy be positive…never speak poorly of a job or employer you had in the past…send a thank you after meeting….

Linda asks…

I need ACT test help!?

Sorry for submitting so many details but I need a lot of help.

I am currently a freshman in high school. I recently took my first official ACT test. I scored a composite score of 29. I scored a 35 on the English section, a 29 on the Mathematics section, a 24 on the Reading section, and a 27 on the Science section. Before both tests I prepared slightly by getting online tutoring. I want to increase my score to, hopefully, a perfect 36 by April when I plan on taking the ACT test again.

I would like for you to:
a) recommend good websites that offer FREE tutoring/tips/help/practice/etc.,…
b) solve some of my problems (paragraphs below),…
c) give me tips that work for you, or…
d) answer some of my questions (paragraphs below)….

Timing is my main problem in each section. If I have to guess on a question should I guess C, take an educated guess by narrowing it down first, or guess a letter that has not been chosen as often?

On the English section, I do pretty well but am not sure the order that is best to read the passages and answer questions. Should I read the passage, then answer the questions, or answer the questions as I read the passage? Should I not read the passage at all to save time and instead skip to the portions only relevant to the questions?

On the Mathematics section, I have a disadvantage due to the fact that I am a freshman and have not learned trigonometry or geometry. Should I check my answers after I find one, or just get the answer and choose an answer choice? How often should I use my caclulator?

The Reading section of the ACT test is most difficult for me. Timing is more of a problem for me in this section. Like the English, I am not sure the order in which I should read the passages and answer the questions. Should I read the questions before I read the passage, so I can answer them as I read the passage? Should I skim over the passages or read them diligently?

On the Science section, again, I have a disadvantage due to the fact that I am a freshman and don’t know much about physics or chemistry. Some people don’t read the experiments and skip to the questions. Is this a good strategy? Should I read the experiments closely or just look at the graphs, tables, and figures?

Thank you for your cooperation! I appreciate you greatly!

admin answers:

Timing is definitely the biggest issue on the ACT. Unlike the SAT, which asks far more trick questions but gives you more time for each one, the ACT requires you to work as quickly as you reasonably can to answer everything. Here are my perspectives on some of your questions:

1) If you are going to guess on a question, please narrow down the answers as much as possible before you choose one! The order of the answers is most likely randomized by a computer program, so it won’t do you any good to guess a certain letter or look for letters that you haven’t used as often. If you have absolutely no idea, then look carefully at the choices. You may find that two of them mean basically the same thing; you can often (but not always) eliminate those two choices.
2) On both the English and Reading sections, it is a good idea to read the questions first and then go back and look at the passage. In fact, in the English section, sometimes it is not necessary to read the entire passage at all. Some questions will only ask you about how to word a particular sentence; as long as you know what the sentence is trying to say (which may require some context), you can answer the question. Other questions will ask you where in the passage you should place a sentence. For those, you will need to read the passage, but it is often best to skim the majority of the selection and only read in the places indicated by the answer choices.
3) On the Math section, the way in which you check your work really depends on your confidence in your answers. I would recommend answering all of the questions that you know how to answer first; you can check your answers later if you have time. Then, go back and look at the questions that you skipped. If you don’t know how to solve it, sometimes your calculator can be surprisingly helpful! As for using your calculator, I would only recommend using it if you feel that you really need it. Although it can be helpful, it will also slow you down.
4) As I said, I would recommend reading the questions before you read the passage so that you will know what to look for when you read. The way in which you read the passages is up to you; if you read too thoroughly, then you will waste time, but if you don’t read thoroughly enough, then you will waste even more time rereading sections as you try to answer the questions. Reading the questions beforehand should help because you will know which sections to read more thoroughly.
5) The Science section can be tricky on time, but I think you will find that you don’t need to know a lot of physics or chemistry to answer most of the questions. Definitely do not try to read every part of every experiment! If you do, then you will almost certainly run out of time. Read the questions first–most of them only ask you about the graphs and figures, and you can usually look up the answers to the other questions faster than you could read the passage.

Above all, don’t stress yourself out! As a freshman, you are really getting a head start by taking the ACT now, so you have plenty of time to get a great score. Even if you are using your scores to apply to a residential high school or another program before college, any organization will know that the ACT is designed to test your knowledge of high school subjects–you haven’t even taken most of the subjects that it is testing you on! Stay focused, and keep up the good work!

Betty asks…

beauty tips? tricks? natural remedies to get rid of acne?

i know there is tons of natural remedies and recipes for helping skin and hair. does anybody know of any? theres a million all over the onternet but i was wondering if anybody recomended a certain one? what is the best?


any other tricks or tips?

makeup, and other products?

admin answers:

Keep a never-ending supply of water at your desk at work or wherever you spend most of your time. I like to mix things up with a little sparkling water or a slice of lemon or orange or cucumber on days that I want to pamper myself.

Eye brows

1. Tweeze immediately after showering or apply a hot washcloth to loosen hair follicles.
2.Hold a pencil vertically along the side of the nose. Eyebrow should start at outside edge if pencil – Anastasia Soare eyebrow queen.
Hint: Leaving a bit more space will widen close-set eyes.
3.Hold pencil to outside of eye. This is where the eyebrow of a bombshell should end.
4.Smooth brows with a little moisturizer to help hairs slide out – turn back the clock.
5.Brush brows up to find a natural arch.
6. Draw in the desired shape beforehand with a soft eye shadow pencil – Keira Knightley smokey eyes.
Hint: Don’t use an eyeliner pencil. It will cause you to pluck too much.
7.Tweeze under the brow first, plucking in the direction of the growth.
Hint: If your plucking becomes too painful, apply a little anbesol (yes, that pain reliever for teeth also numbs the brows)
8.Using an eyelash comb, comb brows upwards and trim any hairs that extend beyond the natural top or brow bone. Glamorous lashes.
9.After tweezing, soothe the area with cool, wet tea bags.

The final touch to your eye makeup is the lash. Try to always use an eyelash curler. It will make your eyes look wider, more alert, and more youthful. It’s like an instant eye lift. Always curl lashes befor applying mascara.
* Lightly powder lashes to give mascara a coat to cling to.
* Heat eyelash curler with hair dryer for a few seconds. It will act like a curling iron for the eyes.
Hint: Curl twice for a rounded curl. Place the open curl near the lash roots and arrange your lashes between the two rims. Squeeze gently for thirty seconds. Squeeze again at mid-lash for another thirty-seconds. It looks very natural.
* Give upper lashes a second coat of mascara, concentrating on the tips by stroking the brush horizontally across the lash. Never wait when applying second coat of mascara to lashes. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara, dries quickly and can clump.

1. Tried and True: taupe, gray, violet, purple, deep blue (a darker shade than your eye color makes your eyes really blue), black (mix it with bright blue for a smoky effect)
2. Funky Favorites: silver, turquoise, fuschia (brightens any shade of blue)
1. Tried and True: brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green (because they are in the same greenish family, they brighten green eyes)
2. Funky Favorites: gold, glowing, lime-green, really light green, bright purple (super modern)
1. Tried and True: copper, bronze, champagne Uma Thurman (soft pink with a touch of apricot), brown (for a doe-eyed look), beige, and khaki-green (lighter shades add highlight)
2. Funky Favorites: tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, lime-green (the contrast adds punch to brown)

* MAYONNAISE. Apply whole egg mayonnaise on your face (right from the jar) for about 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Great skin care treatment.
* PEACH & BRANDY. Mash up a peach (use ripe, canned or frozen) and mix in a tablespoon of brandy. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse off.
* TOMATO MASK. For oily skin, mash up a ripe tomato and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm (not hot) water.
* BANANA MASH. Mash up a very ripe banana. Add just enough honey to make a soft pulp. Apply over face and hair. This is such a great firming mask that aging movie stars have been known to put it in the cups of their bras to make their breasts “perky.” (Just make sure that you don’t use too much honey and you use a sturdy bra.)
* HONEY MASK. Apply pure honey (straight from the bottle) to your face and neck. Allow it to set until dry (about 15 minutes). Rinse with very warm water.

Yes eggs
Lightly beat two eggs mixed with some milk and run throughout your hair. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse and you’ll see a shine instantly. The same can be done for your dog once a month, except just put an egg over their food.
Aspirin for Dandruff
No problem, dissolve 2 aspirins in your dandruff shampoo and watch how it clears up. Use a good moisturizing conditioner afterward.
Hair Cocktail
Splash a little vodka in your shampoo if you have thick or product-build-up hair. Don’t use on a regular basis.
Hair Static
This isn’t meant to be funny. Use static guard. Use about 7 inches from your hair lightly. Don’t over do it.
Greasy Hair
Powder. Most come in hundreds of fragrances, brands, and unscented selections. Put a little at the root of your hair before straying. If it is a serious problem, put the power on heavily for 15 minutes wash completely, condition lightly, and style.
Quick fix for curly hair frizz, always the lucky ones. Use a little, did I mention LITTLE bit about the size of a dime and rub in into

Joseph asks…

PLEASE HELP (flirting tips)??

i need flirting tips really bad b/c what i am doin isnt working. PLEASE HELP.

admin answers:

Heres the trick…Smile and look away, dont really flirt, dont act interested if you really aren’t..I can get any guy, this is not a joke either, Im 26, five ten, 125 pounds, looks are only half of it.
Just be you, dont be what society wants you to be or look like to get a guy…its all bullshit.

Ruth asks…

Babysitting Tips and Tricks?

I have a good babysitting job with my neighbors, she has 3 children, a 7 y/o boy, 4 y/o girl, and a 17 month old girl.
I just want some tips.
The baby will start crying about wanting her mom after I have been there for a few hours.
How can I help her to stop crying?
It will get to the point when I can’t pick her up.
If I lay her in the crib, she just cries harder and tries to climb out.
She will also attempt to run to the door.

admin answers:

It can be exhausting to entertain a child all the time but sometimes its what you need to do. I work in child care and often with wirh children between 6 and 18 months, theres usually 3 babies to one adult so I appreciate it hard work. Your best bet is to try and keep her entertained, keep her playing, keep her mind occupied. Maybe ask her siblings to get involved, they could act as her comfort.

I know its frustrating, distressing and exhausing but the parent’s keep you coming back so you much be doing something right 🙂

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