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Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

John asks…

Tips, tricks, advice…….help?????

Im a shy girl but once you get to know me i can be very outgoing and fun. I am having trouble talking to a guy i like for this reason. I want to be more outgoing around him but i am just too shy. Do you have any tips that could help me be more comfortable and act myself around a him?

admin answers:

Hmm… This is tough. Just because if you act different than yourself he will obviously know you like him and he will have “the power” but just say hi.. Just a compliment to start off. Then gradually better more in depth convo about real things

Linda asks…

Tips&Tricks needed.. please help.?

Okay im going to see Obsessed tonight with my crush.. We’ve bn talking for a while.. and he came to my house last week and we talked some more.. Last night we decided to go to the movies. I found out that he wanted me to make the first move.. I haven’t kissed a guy since last late october. And im not used to making the first move. Please, i need some tips!! It would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:


just go for it (:

act confident, but not too confident (:

be nice, dont trash talk about someone else,

umm, try being witty (:

and dont be toooo controlling, or clingy.

Good luckk (:

Ruth asks…

Please help with preparing for the ACT! any tips or tricks to help me get to a 32?

alrigthey so i need at least a 32 on my ACT to get into my top choice. I only took SATS all of last year and decided to switch cuz my score wasnt high enough. I took a practice test and got a 23, and did very bad in science. Im trying a Kaplan act on demand but its not really teaching me anything so idk really what else to do.
This score is the only thing in the way of me getting into Brown because i got recruited for sports
and i wana do everyhting I can to score a 32! PLEASE HELP!!

admin answers:

Forget Kaplan.

The only realistic route to an act increase in a short time of 3 or more points is private, in person, 1 on 1 tutoring. Even then, you should understand that a 9 point increase may take several months of very hard work with that tutor.

Chris asks…

Got any tips/tricks of how to get into clubs underage?

ok so I’m underage,
but I’m going to a club with a few older mates,
how should I act?
what should I wear?
Full and complete answer 10 points,

admin answers:

You should act like your self
you should wear something that you feel comfortable in and you think is mature
your hair and make up should seem mature as well
like not TOOO much make up
and um it also depends on how much older they are than you

Mark asks…

Acting Tips? How to act scared and nervous but still funny?

I have a Duel Log performance for my drama class in 4 days and i would like a few tips on how to play my character more naturally.

The story is my character and my partners character are on the ledge of a building(planning to jump). While she is jumping because she was dumped, i am “jumping” because everything has gone wrong that day. However at the end i convince her not to jump and it is revealed when she exits that i was secretly an undercover cop sent to talk her down.

It is actually supposed to be a comedic script so trying to act as if i am on a ledge while trying to be funny is also difficult for me. We are supposed to act nervous, scared throughout the scene as if we were truly on a ledge while still keeping the humor (we will be standing on two blocks stacked upon each other, about 3 feet, throughout the scene as well)

I was looking for tips on how to act as though i am on a ledge preparing to jump (the audience will not know i do not plan on jumping until the very end). I need advice on how to act natural as well as nervous, scared etc. but still funny. Thanks! 🙂

admin answers:

Comedy is hard – especially when it needs to be fitted into a specific scenario. I think this one can be done, you just have to give each character an ‘Angle’ and avoid playing it too dramatically.

One aspect that is vital is to get the physical side of right, both the feeling of standing on a ledge and the aspect of physical comedy – any slip could send you to your deaths. Try practicing balancing on a low wall, or standing against a wall (draw a chalk line on the ground to represent the edge) whilst holding a dialogue, use gestures. This will help you get a sense of the physical limitations you will need to portray in the final performance.

A few different comedy tricks are:
1. Refusing to look down – show this, don’t tell it. Just hold your head and neck forward really stiff – you can even make your whole body really rigid to convey fear.
2. Staring down mesmerised – you can’t draw your eyes away from the street a hundred meters below. You can comment on how small everything looks, or you can see your house from where you are standing. You can whisper to yourself “don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down” WHILST looking down.
3. Hugging the wall – a bit cliche but it works.
4. Acting non-chalant – You are NOT scared. Just sit down on the ledge with your feet hanging over. In fact, lie down on your side and complain you want a cushion because the stone is hard (and COLD).
5. Be clumsy. (Drop something?)
6. Pretend to be non-chalant whilst obviously being really scared – use your face and body, even your tone of voice to show fear. BUT your words are completely fearless, even OVER THE TOP “This ain’t so bad, I’ve jumped from the empire state building you know!” “This doesn’t begin to scare me, not even a twinge, in fact, I like to sit here to eat a pancakes for breakfast just tp enjoy the breeze.”
7. Sneaky props – Have a rope tied to your belt behind you and hide it from your partner or the audience or BOTH. Then reveal it right at the end.
8. Try to jump then change your mind and get scared.

What kinds of jokes could you work in? At some stage you could convince her that you would prefer to jump from the other side – then you could have a scene where you are trying to climb over each other to ‘change sides’ without falling off. In the end of course, this was all part of your plan to put HER closer to the window, so she can either climb back in or be grabbed by another policeman. But during the scene you could have her say “what are you crazy!? What if you knock me off the ledge?” or something to that effect.

Looking like you are planning to jump?
1. Deep breathes
2. Repeat words to yourself
3. Announce your reasons to your partner – Because of XYZ, I have nothing left to live for! I’m jumping and then the boss will have to finish that project himself! Hah! That’ll show him!
4. Swing yourself back and forth from the wall, like you were planning to push off and launch yourself.

Acting natural should mostly involve you following your mission, get to know the other woman. What is her story? Why does she plan to jump? Be sympathetic about her getting dumped – give her an awkward hug (awkward because you are standing on a ledge) – maybe a hankerchief if she is crying.

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