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Your Questions About Acting Tips And Tricks

Sandy asks…

What are some good ACT calculator tips?

Any tips or secret trick you guys want to share with me would be great.

admin answers:

The ACT math section is so easy, you probably won’t need a calculator for anything beyond quick basic arithmetic.

Otherwise, if you have a graphing calculator, I suppose you could store some basic geometry formulas in the memory. I can’t remember if you’re allowed certain kinds of calculators though.

Good luck, and don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do great.

Charles asks…

Audition Tips!!!!?

I have a big audition tomorrow with my local theatre. It is the first play that I am doing with them but I have done several other plays. I want to stand out and get cast. Are there some “do’s and don’ts” so to speak that I could remember for my audition? Any tips or tricks! I am a little nervous but mostly I am just excited!!
Thank you so much!!! All answers are appreciated!

admin answers:

Hi here are a few tips on they way your personality should come across

Personality is what I’m looking for more than anything else. Even before I’m thinking can this person act? I’m thinking does this person have energy? Do I like them? Do they seem intelligent? Are they warm, are they funny? These qualities will inform their work as an actor, and Colour their performance. Christine King It often happens that two or more actors are in contention for a role and the decision-makers can’t pick between them. Almost always, the final decision favors the actor who’s considered to have the most desirable personality. Equally as often, actors are ruled out, regardless of their talent, because of unwanted personality traits. Therefore, if not the most important thing in getting work, your personality is the ingredient that will clinch the deal. Here are some tips for you:

• KNOW YOURSELF a common personality trait in successful actors is a confidence that comes with knowing and being comfortable with who they are. Get to know yourself. Highlight the positives in your personality and work on the negatives. But don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. On the other hand, you don’t have to be an open book. In an industry so full of exposure, it certainly doesn’t hurt to leave some mystery about you!

• BE OPEN Doing your job as an actor means being open to other people’s ideas and suggestions. Don’t be set in stone with your opinions and the way you do things. Successful actors adapt to circumstances. Being open to other people also means that they will like you and want to work with you again. However, don’t be a pushover – stick to your convictions when appropriate.

• GET ALONG To have the kind of relationships you need to move ahead means you have to possess certain social skills. Really, this just means being able to get along with people. But it can’t be stressed enough, in order to rise through the ranks of the acting profession you have to be considerate towards the people you’re working with. In other words, be nice. You really do get back what you give out in this industry.

• BE POSITIVE People in the industry want to work with actors who are positive, enthusiastic and constructive. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t like the script or is disinterested in the project or is argumentative. Even if a project doesn’t thrill you, at least be positive about doing your own best work on it. Many actors have become instant hits on (and made hits of) projects they thought would flop.

• HAVE FUN Actors who succeed in the business enjoy what they do and are enjoyable to work with. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be the on-set clown or the prankster, but it will help you to get along if you enjoy the work and the people around you. Actors who obviously take pleasure in their work are far more likely to be hired again than those who find a role (or a part of the job) a chore or, worse still, beneath them. So chill out and have fun.

• BE SMART One quality that people in the industry regard highly in actors is intelligence. However, they’re not really interested in your academic ability as much as your ability to make smart choices, analyze scripts, take direction, understand human emotions and communicate confidently with people at all levels of the industry. Naturally, it always pays to use common sense when it comes to matters of your career and dealing with people.

• BE INTERESTING Industry people are drawn to actors who are interesting. That’s not to say you should be a walking encyclopedia. Get out there and experience life. It will not only help you to be more interesting, but will also give you more to draw on as an actor and more to contribute to a project. Interesting people are also interested in what other people have to say. Listen to others and be interested.

• HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR Acting is a tough business and you’ll have to treat your career seriously in order to do well. But don’t take it all too seriously. Sending itself up is something the industry does often, perhaps as a form of therapy. Try approaching your career with similar humor. An ability to laugh at yourself throughout the difficulties, harshness and absurdities of the profession will serve you well.

• BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Aspects of the profession can be harsh and every actor experiences times of self-doubt. Even the most successful actors feel this sometimes. Know that this feeling is normal and will pass. Do whatever it takes to re-kindle your passion for acting and your belief in yourself. Some actors recommend taking up a short course or joining a community theatre group to help rebuild confidence.

• CARE ABOUT THE JOB Be excited about every project you work on and the part you play in it. People in the industry love working with actors who are as excited about their projects and the characters in them as they are. The person who gets the job is often the person who is the most excited about the overall vision of the show and the role they wish to play. Love the project and your character and the casting people will love you.

• DO YOUR HOMEWORK Getting the role is largely about ‘getting’ the character, ‘getting’ the overall vision of the production, and ‘getting on a level’ with the director. Do your homework on every character you play, every show you’re in and every director you work with. Quite simply, the more consideration you give to each of these, the greater your chances of getting the job.

Not all of those tips related directly to auditioning but I still think that if you consider them they will help you greatly. Good Luck!

Linda asks…

Arm Wrestling Tips and Tricks?

Me and my friends like to arm wrestle, but I never win. Any tips or tricks to help?

admin answers:

It really comes down to who has better strength. Not really any tricks.

One thing I do, is to act like I am losing, (You have to trust that you won’t choke, and mess up) by just staying a few inches above the table. When people see that they are about to win, they will put more energy into finishing fast. This will allow you to wear out your opponent out, and hopefully win.

Just don’t try to win with sheer force. You need to let your opponent tire, and then finish them fast, and hard.

Jenny asks…

Recommendations/Tips/Tricks for a feature film with $30,000 budget?

I am going to be making a feature film after the summer.
And I want to know if anyone could give me some advice on how to this with such a small budget.

admin answers:

Well for starters find friends who like to act and can follow directions, you don’t have the money for cast and crew, so your goning to be doing alot yourself IE: acting, directing, filming, even set work( use outdoor scenes easier ).

Theres a lot more but this should give you the feel.

Enjoy it’s something else.

PS: Night of the living dead (Young director still in coll with friends)…

William asks…

Does anyone have any acting tips?

Can you guys please help me? I want to be an actress and I applied for New Faces to help me, but I’m kind of shy, and when I go for my New Faces meeting, I might get nervous. So what are some tips to not be shy and get nervous. And also, can you give me some useful tips on impressing them? Thanks a lot for your help!

admin answers:

Last year I auditioned for “Doubt” and it was the scariest thing ever! I had to go alone in this room with the casting people and tell them about myself and the shows that I have done…I didn’t have to read anything from the movie though…

I am an extremely shy person…I never talk in school and hate when teachers call on me…but I knew that if I wanted fame, I had to change…

I still never talk in class, but at auditions I’m a totally different person…I think it’s easier to be yourself in front of people you don’t know…so….definitely wear something noticable but not too crazy…talk loud but don’t yell, keep repeating in your head to stay calm over and over the whole time you are there….even close your eyes if you need to…

I believe that the most important thing to not be nervous is to trick yourself into thinking that its not scary…thats what I did and got a callback that same day! Act important and confident but don’t go over the top….

Good Luck to you!!!! Remember—keep telling your self to stay calm! You’ll be fine.


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