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Your Questions About Acting Tips Beginners

David asks…

How to avoid teamkillers/spawncampers on COD>Black Ops 2 (beginners)?

pretty self explan.

any tips for beginners?

what console do u play? sry i have a lot of questions about this game….its so addicting in a fun way 😉 lol i play almost everyday on my friend console but hes going out of town for 2 weeks i dont know what i will do while he’s gone i guess cheat on his console lol
rlly john im not trying to cheat just avoid getting killed by them LOL

no time for lag switchers, team killers and spawn campers hahah

admin answers:

Just be ready when the respawn timer is counting down and not sit around acting like a sloth.

Laura asks…

Which acting agency is good for someone who’s starting and doesn’t have a resume?

I’m moving to LA to pursuit acting but I don’t have much experience, I was wondering what good agency would accept someone just by auditions. Any tips or advices are welcome!!

admin answers:

Short answer: there are no “good” agencies that would accept someone just by audition. That’s not how the industry works. Most agencies only accept submissions of head shots and resumes (and acting reel if you have them). If they’re intersted from that, then they’ll invite you for an audition/interview.

Long answer: Moving to LA and expecting to just get an agent and become an actor is like buying a lottery ticket and expecting to win a million dollars. It doesn’t happen often and it’s nothing you can bank on. I’m not saying don’t pursue your dream. But you’ll have a much better chance of success if you have an good understanding of how the industry works. There are a lot of scams and ripoffs that prey on people like you who think you can just be “discovered” or something. Professional acting is like starting a company and you are the product you have to market and sell. So you need a good product (talent, training and experience) but you also need to know the industry.

Agents are paid on commission, getting a percentage of what their clients make. Since they are paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. Most agents are not interested in beginners, they’re looking for clients who have already demonstrated that they have the talent, training, experience and committment to book professional jobs.

The best way to get an agent is through networking. An acting teacher/coach, director you’ve worked with, other actor may refer you to an agent. Some well-resepected acting schools may attract talent agents and casting directors to their showcases where students perform and you could try to get an agent that way. (Just be careful of the ‘pay to play’ scams.) Otherwise, there’s the standard blind submission technique where you mail your head shot/resume to a bunch of agencies and hope for the best.

So basically before you can get an LA agent, you’re going to have to focus first on getting training (taking classes) and auditioning for things like student films, short films, indie films and other low-to-no-pay jobs that you can get on your own to build your resume. Through these things you can network and try to make connections. Learn the industry, figure out who the players are and what they do (and don’t do). Of course you’re going to need a way to support yourself while you work on your career. And understand it is EXTREMELY competitive. There are currently 100,000 professional actors in LA alone. That’s just those who belong to the union and doesn’t count the non-union actors and those wannabe actors like you who are just starting out. There just isn’t enough work for everyone.

So before going to LA – work at getting as much training and experience as you can. Talk to everyone you know and see if you can make any connections with people in the industry in LA. Read industry trades like Variety or and start to learn the industry. Books like Books like “Self Management for Actors” by Bonnie Gillespie “Acting Make It Your Business” by Paul Russell’s and “Acting as a Business” by Brian O’Neil might be helpful. No one is going to give you an acting career. Even if you managed to somehow get an agent, when you’re starting out you’re still going to have to search for work on your own as well. You’ll have to make a ton of business decisions about your career – so educate yourself so you can make good decisions.

You do have the other option of starting locally or in a smaller market and building your resume there before moving on to LA.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

How can I start being an actress? What do I have to do?

I wanna start an acting career, I used to do modeling.

admin answers:

Hello! I have been an actress for 9 years and I would love to help you with your question. First get her into some acting classes. Without these, she will get nowhere. Also, get some experience in acting by getting into school plays or local theater productions. She need to do both of these things. Once she has had training and experience, make a resume. You can check out the format by searching it on google. Then, you must get an 8×10 headshot of herself. Paste her resume to the back of her headshot. Now you are ready for an agent. Agents don’t cost a thing! Never ever pay an agent! They only make money if you book a job, so don’t pay an agent up front. Search “talent agencies in your town here”. You can also go to and find your market to find local talent agencies. Once you have selected a few good agencies you would like, send her resume/headshot along with a cover letter (a letter describing why you would like to be represented by their agency) to all of your local talent agencies. If they like your headshot, they will call you in for an interview. This can take anywhere from 6 days to 6 months, so never re-submit if you think they didn’t receive your submission. Never call an agency, they are too busy. Again, if they call you in for an interview, and they really think you have what it takes, they will sign you with their agency. Your agent will then find auditions for you to go on in film, television, commercials, and theater depending on your type. You can also check out to find out in even more detail on how to become an actress.

I wish you the best of luck in this business 😀


NEVER attend acting classes at places like John Robert Powers, Barbizon, ProModel, or iPOP! They are complete scams, and they will cost you thousands of dollars. I have talked to many agents and they have said they DO NOT like to see that on your resume. If you have taken classes there, I suggest just putting the teacher’s name instead of where you have taken the “classes”. A good acting class for beginners should not cost more that three hundred dollars, if that.

Don’t be an actress or actor if you are aiming for fame. You should pursue acting for the love or passion, not because you want to be famous like your favorite stars. It is most likely that you will never be famous, so don’t make that your goal. However, if you try hard, you may have a chance.

NEVER pay an agent up front. Agents only make 10% of what you make when you get a paid job in commercials, television, film, or theater.

You DON’T have to live in LA or NYC to become a star! There are many acting opportunities across the country in different markets.

NEVER say that you are a great actor. Number one, you sound rude and conceited, and number two, agents and casting directors don’t like it. A good actor always think he/she can improve. Nothing wrong with confidence, just always think you can improve.

Don’t think that you can’t be on television because you don’t have the right “look”. Agents and casting directors need actors of all ages and body types, so don’t bring yourself down over that.

You should also take some dance or voice lessons instead of just acting classes. Not only will they help you, but agents and casting directors like to see more talent than just acting.

ALWAYS have a backup plan. There is no guarantee that you will make it in this business, book a job, or even make a living or any money! If you are going to college for acting or theater, I suggest making acting your minor, and make your major something more realistic. If you are still young, always have some kind of other job not related to showbiz to fall back on.

You NEED your parents support. They will be the ones to pay for your classes, headshots, etc., and to drive you to auditions. If you don’t have your parent’s support, talk to them and say that you do have a backup plan, but you would really love to just try acting as a hobby or to see if you can make it in the business. If they say no, then I would suggest performing a monologue for them to show them what you’ve got. Get into school plays to showcase your talent to them.

Your parent’s NEED to have a flexible schedule. Once you have an agent, they will call you with as little as a 1 hour audition notice. Your parents/guardians have to be able to pull you out of school, leave in the middle of their work day on a drop of a hat to drive you to auditions. I would suggest talking to your parents about a plan to help you get to audition to audition.

When you go to an audition with an agency or any professional audition, don’t bring siblings or other relatives. Just bring 1 parent and yourself.

Charles asks…

What do I need to do to prepare for a western pleasure show?

I’ve been riding since August 2011. I spoke to a woman today, a family friend, who’s interested in having me show her mare in a western pleasure walk/jog show. The mare is 14 and completely used to shows. I have never showed before. I will have time before to prepare for it, but what do I need as far as clothes? I have Ariat cowboy boots and jeans, but do I just wear a long sleeve plaid shirt or do I need an actual western show shirt? Do you have any tips or pointers? I wouldn’t call myself an advanced rider, just a beginner, but I always sell myself short. And I’m super nervous! Thanks for your help. 🙂
I’ve been riding western pleasure for the majority of the year and a half I’ve been riding. I’ve taken one on one lessons the whole time and am helping to retrain the horse I ride. I’ve never ridden the horse I’m going to show, but like I said, I’ll have time to prepare.
Also, since the mare is 14 and a “pro” with shows, do you think she will “take care of me,” so to speak?

admin answers:

Well you don’t have to buy a actual western riding shirt, but maybe if you plan on showing Western for a while you could think about it. All you need is a nice long sleeve shirt. Don’t make it too Fancy because that will distract you from the judges. As for pants and boots you should be fine. Just practice going slow. That is what the judges are looking for. Practice going from a slow jog back to a walk then stopping and backing up 2 or 3 steps. Also don’t forget to smile and act confident. Judges love that. And keep your hands in a low position with the reins just above the neck. So this is what you will need to do in the show..

*back up

Practice transitioning to all of these. You will do fine. Also don’t forget to give your horse a bath before you show, to make you look better, and (if your hair is long enough) put it up in a nice low pony tail. Be confident! Besides what is the worst that will happen, you’ll try it again later?
Smile and have fun!

Good luck on your show!

**EDIT** Your horse will probably know what to do. But you can just let go and think she will do it on her own. She wil probably try to speed up or when trotting slow down.

Lisa asks…

How to gain confidence in acting?

I have recently joined acting as it has been something i loved dong since i was small. We are doing a sort of examination (not exactly but thats the only way i can describe it) but i find myself extremely nervous acting infront of people to the point of not even being able to speak! does anyone have any tips to overcome this?

admin answers:

I don’t understand how you can say that you’ve been acting since you were small, but can’t act in front of people – that doesn’t make sense.

And when you say that you’ve ‘joined acting’ – that doesn’t make sense either.
Do you mean that you’ve joined an acting class or a theatre company?

But either way, you need tyo get into a good beginners’ acting class and work from there.
After a few years, most people can act in front of one person or a thousand – it makes no difference.

It just takes good training and loads of experience.
Keep trying – give it time!

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