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Your Questions About Acting Tips Crying

Richard asks…

Acting tips from Skip Beat? (Manga or Anime)?

Crazy question, I know, but can people list acting tips from Skip Beat? Most preferably the manga, but the anime is fine too.
Please try not only post 1 or 2 quotes.
Thanks :3

admin answers:

Well, there are a lot but I can’t be very specific so there are what I can remember from the Manga:

– researching about the character as thorough as you can. Who is he, what is his past, how is the house that raise him, how good is he physically now, what is his hobby, etc. This is something that Mogami did to construct her character plays for TSUKIGOMORI. She was playing as a girl with a partially burned face & bitter life. She learned about this skill when Mogami was taking a part-time role as Ren’s manager. She observed how Ren was very thorough when he took his play.

– use your own life experience. When Mogami was given a chance as a talent for Kyo Music Video the director said that her cry & sad complicated face was so pin point. She explained that she was picturing what her best friend will do if they were in the same situation & the imagination of it made her so sad. The director said that all great actors & actress used their own life experience to recreate a scene or emotion needed for a scene & that what made them so realistic. The director encourage her to explore more on her own emotion & don’t be afraid to experience something new in the future because she might need that for her acting

– act various plays or create a chance to act various plays. Mogami best friends is a talent for hire for some funny clients. She took this opportunity to plays various character which helps her digging & constructing her acting even better. Her plays was kinda dodgy sometimes but she managed to pull it. Due to the fact that she must keep in changing role as fast as she can later on she knows how to get into her role faster. At some point she submerged to her character so much that she didn’t even realized until someone else point that out.

– whatever happen in the play, no matter how shocking or bizarre it might be, just keep in character. This is something that Mogami struggles so much during her play as CAIN HEEL sister who is in love with her brother. She was facing an unlikely development & the situation almost forced her to drop down her play. But she strongly tried her best to pull it through.

– learn how to let go the character once the play is finish. Mogami friend was facing some difficulty due to this & she learned the hard way.

– trust your co-players. Acting is about creating the scene together with other actors/ actress. Have faith in your fellow cast, develop the story that compliments the other characters too. Mogami learned this when at the shooting Ren was having difficulty acting heart-ache during TSUKIGOMORI. Ren trusted the actress would reply his action accordingly & the plays ended without hiccups. Without trust it won’t be possible to create the emotion, the flow of the play & the believability.

Those are what I can remember

+ emo

Donna asks…

How do I laugh/cry on demand?

It’s for my play… Answers ASAP please!!!

admin answers:

How to Cry Convincingly When Acting
1. Stay in control. Make it a rule that as an actor you stay in control. Sense memory and Method acting can be put aside.

2. Read your script, play or audition piece. Ask yourself, “Why is the character crying?” Write down your answers. Loss is a primary reason for crying.

3. Keep in mind that emotional sympathy is just above grief (or crying). If you cannot get to grief, try sympathy first and then descend to crying. Take “loss” as a reason for crying.

4. Note the physiological reaction in crying. Create a list of what the body does while crying. Tears and trembling can be demonstrated by shaking the upper back. The body withers and crunches together as well.

5. Tuck away a bottle of eye drops if you are concerned the tears will not come on cue. At least you are aware of it and have a solution, so the director, cast and crew are not waiting around for you to “get into the moment.”

6. Own your acting space. This is the final tip on acting. Allow time to prepare and do your work professionally.

How to Laugh Naturally on Cue
1. Think of how you would laugh naturally in a normal setting. (Meaning not while you are on camera.) You’ll notice that first you hear or see something funny, an overall sense of pleasure grips you, your mouth begins to open as your cheeks break into a smile and finally you exhale a bit of air.

2. Practice the art of how you laugh. Some actors swear by looking in the mirror to see this transformation, while others feel it is “false.” Apply your own tenants of acting while you take yourself through the “anatomy of your own laugh.”

3. Listen and respond each and every time you hear the line or see the image. This can be tough to do as you’ve played the scene for the twentieth time. But it is essential that you truly listen to the other person before you begin your laugh. Otherwise it will strike as false.

4. Avoid pushing the laughter. For the most part (unless you’re in a sketch comedy) laughter is personal, it’s intimate. It’s an expression of you and your feelings. So if you suddenly feel as if you are forcing the laugh, then you are. Take a deep breath and go through the anatomy of your laugh again to find the “truth.”

5. Make every laugh slightly different. In life, laughter is spontaneous. Therefore, no two laughs are exactly alike. Run the gamut of giggling to guffawing based on what the situation calls for and you’ll be laughing naturally on cue in no time.

Ruth asks…

How to Cry?

Does anyone have any tips on how to cry on command. I’m thirteen and love acting. I know it’s not always needed, but I also know that it’s helpful to be able to do. Thanks.

admin answers:

Here’s a big secret–you can look like you’re crying without actually shedding tears. The next time you’re legitimately crying, or you see someone you know crying, pay attention. See how they screw up their face, or see how their voice sounds while they talk when crying. And sure, you’re supposed to be in touch with your character, but it’s useful to know how to cry on command anyway.

Thomas asks…

Acting products that will help make you cry?

im doing a monologue and would like to cry at the end and make it more meaningful. Any tips on how or something i could put under my eyes or secrets or something?
To Bre-

im not trying to cheat but im not really an actress and i have a weird thing with my tear ducts so i was just trying to get a little help THANK YOU

admin answers:

When I want to cry I just look at something for a while then I move my eyes and blink it works for me but you should try it

Laura asks…


im trying out for laguardia high schoool . and we needa read monologues for them . one comedy & one sad etc …
like should i cry a lot? move around a lot ? etcccc …
how would i make them / convince them to choose me ? :}
thannkss ! (;

admin answers:

First of all, always b in character. After that things come emotionally and naturally. Dont provoke tears if your not feelin it. Its not really necessary to constantly move around, but u shouldnt b plantd in one spot. It is usually suggested if someone looks uncomfortable. As long as you are comfortable and let go, you will look like you know wat u r doin. Also you shouldnt just b big. Be big from the heart. Commit yourself all the way thru. Perform a monologue with purpose.

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