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Your Questions About Acting Tips Crying

Chris asks…

I need all the acting tips I can get! HELP!?

Hello! I need every single ounce of acting tips I can possibly get..I also have some questions:

1. How do you REALLY get into character? How do you feel what your character is feeling?
2. How do I calm my extreme nerves before an audition?
3. What is the best clothing I could wear for an audition (hair included)??

ANY TIPS AT ALL ARE GREAT!!! (I am 13, female…I know im still pretty young and immature (compared to all of those great actresses out there)…but still..any help is better than no help at all!!)

admin answers:

1. Honestly, the best thing to do is study your character, much like you’d study for a test in school. Really understand them. What do they want? What is their disposition? (Meaning, are they catty, dreamy, brainy, etc.)
2. Honestly, this is different for everyone. I, for one, sing “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” under my breath. Also mumbling “watermelon, pickles, potato salad, limes.” to yourself (also helps to keep from laughing or crying during quiet or sad moments in real life.) No matter what, figure out your little ditty to keep butterflies out of your tummy. Don’t think of something too funny, either. It’s unprofessional to bust out laughing during an audition.
3. My tip for audition clothes: DON’T TRY TOO HARD. Flashy clothes and glitter from head to toe just scream “look at me! I’m trying too hard to be different!!” Comfortable but professional is your best bet. A clean pair of pants or a nice skirt and a simple clean blouse or shirt would suffice. Also, for hair, keep it out of your face with a headband or neat ponytail. This shows that you’re confident and ready. I don’t know if you wear makeup, but if you do, go natural. A little mascara and lip gloss goes a long way.
One thing I learned a year ago from my former drama teacher is “If you feel stupid, you’re doing it right.” Try not to overact or underact. Example: If, say, your character got an A on the test she studied hard for, you should act really happy. Not insanely thrilled to the point of being hysterical, but not like “oh… Yeah… Whoop.” You know?
I can’t say this one enough: PROJECT!
When you’re on stage, act as if you are carrying on a normal conversation with the people in the back row. That’s what I always do. That way, you’re aware of your volume and knowing the audience can hear you perfectly. Just be sure you’re not screaming.
Well, that’s all I got for now… Break a leg!

Betty asks…

ACT improvement tips?

So my friend and I just took the ACT and tied at a 31… (And the full ride scholarship at my dream college requires a 32) *cries* Anyway… Well we’re taking it again in September because I told her I would beat her this time and she said the same thing to me but vice versa… I really wanna win! (And get over that blasted 32!) Any advice?

admin answers:

Information is below.

Robert asks…

acting and modeling tips?

i need some tips to pratice so i can get better

admin answers:

Find monologus online and copy them, also when you listen to a song try to act it out. Read a book on “the method of acting” and practice facial features and feelings, also learn how to fake cry convinciingly. (i’m an actress :)) and for modeling, since your probably gorgeous, just praactice movements and posses, look in the mirror and make faces attempting to convey an emotion. Dance and do streches so theat your body is used to the movement 🙂 good luck with your dream.

Sandra asks…

Actor who needs help on crying?

I need some tips or something to help me start crying when i need to like on stage or in front of the camera. any tips? sometimes when im trying to think of a sad moment, i get this tingly feeling inside.. is this suppose to happen? When this tingle happens, i think about the feeling and it stops. can anyone give me an exercise or tips on how to cry on demand? thank you so much

admin answers:

We usually recommend that you don’t cry on demand. If you are acting on stage, then tears don’t show so well, anyway. If you are acting for film or video, and you need tears, then you can try tricks like irritants, or strong smells that could help you to tear up.

There are a lot of schools of thought, however, you have to keep things under control, so the best advice is that you should just be in character. If you feel like crying during the scene, then cry, if you don’t feel that the tears are there, then just have the appropriate emotion for the piece. The audience will buy it if you sell it. Just stick with the script and say the words.

Beware of using a substitution method to induce tears. Directors are not psychologists, and they are not qualified to go digging around in your emotional makeup. Actors, above all, need to be in control of their emotions. You don’t want to unleash a breakdown on stage while trying to get tears for a part that you don’t feel at the time.

Paul asks…

Public school tips? ?

I’m labeled as scene. Any tips to get through 9th grade?

admin answers:

1. Always be prepared.
2. Think before you speak, you might think you know the answer, but double check.
3. Know your limits. If something is too hard or is confusing, ask for help
4. Only surround yourself with people who make you feel good
5. Keep your friends close and your fr-enemies far
6. If you have a lot of trouble in a subject, get a tutor
7. Write down every teacher’s name in your notebook for that class so you don’t forget
8. Put your homework back in your backpack as soon as your done
9. Don’t take a class because your friends are.
10. Eat at lunch, don’t just talk
11. Be yourself!
12. In a sea of people, no one notices one mistake
13. If your teacher gives out a wrong answer, raise your hand to correct her
14. DON’T correct teacher’s grammar
15. If your best (and only) friend moves, MAKE MORE!
16. Don’t just do your homework and be done, check over it
17. Do your best. Your best is all anyone can ask you to do
18. To lie you need a good memory, to tell the truth you don’t.
19. Always keep an extra shirt in your locker for if you spill something.
20. Fashion fads are highly overrated, they end as soon as they start

21. Due dates are closer then they appear
22. Don’t make excuses over everything, own up to your mistakes
23. Be sure your caught up in middle school homework and classwork. If you get behind it’s hard to make up
24. Read assignments and directions carefully
25. Have your own style and stick with it
26. Have a special binder for homework assignments so you don’t lose them
27. You don’t need a guy/girl to be cool or happy
28. If you like a guy/girl be yourself, if he doesn’t like you, his loss
29. Be involved, dress the part for special days
30. Get a lift to school on rainy days or else you’ll spend homeroom in wet jeans
31. Never end a friendship over rumors
32. Join tons of club so you can meet friends with the same interests as you.
33. Be friends with people who don’t get in trouble
34. It’s okay to make new friends; but don’t forget your old ones
35. Never try to be popular, just do things you like
36. Be friends with people you care about most.
37. Always hang out with people who make you laugh
38. If you REALLY want to keep something secret, keep it to yourself. Even a bff can let it slip sometimes
39. Never let your enemies see you cry, that only lets them win
40. When the popular people talk, others listen

41. Always understand when a friend makes a mistake
42. Live life to the greatest
43. Talk to your guidance counselor if something is wrong
44. The place you sit in lunch on the first day is where you’ll be sitting for the rest of the year
45. Do things you enjoy
46. Act fine, even if your not, around teachers.
47. Don’t sit next to a cute guy/girl in class, it’ll distract you
48. Get exercise and be healthy
49. Push through all of the drama
50. Stay away from crushes
51. Don’t get crushed by a crush
52. Don’t tell your teacher that your doing something to get out of class.
53. Teachers like to think your doing things for non-selfish reasons
54. Don’t ignore your friend when she is telling you something important
55. Be the first one to apologize after a fight
56. Keep your head high and charge for the mountain
57. Love, laugh, live
58. No recess is a good thing, not as much drama
59. Manage your lunch time
60. Only make commitments you can keep

61. Boys/Girls are overrated, ignore them
62. Focus more on school than being popular
63. Stay true to yourself and you will make it through
64. Don’t worry about a test if you studied, you’ll do fine!
65. Don’t fall for guys/girls for looks!
66. Open up your eyes and see what kind of person you really are
67. Don’t try to make people feel sorry for you
68. If your trying to get a guy to notice you don’t come to school in a tube top and mini skirt
69. Don’t worry about what other people say YOU LOOK GREAT!!
70. Round up some of your clothes and find what matches
71. Pick out your clothes the night before
72. Don’t send your friend to tell your crush you like him!
73. ALWAYS wear deodorant
74. KARMA! What goes around comes around
75. Just have fun and make the best of the year

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