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Your Questions About Actors

Donna asks…

who is your favourite actor/actress?

actor=russel crowe, actress=julia roberts

admin answers:

Actors: I have a major thing for Aidan Quinn, and always have had. Also like Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson (sometimes…); think Anthony Hopkins is AMAZINGLY, unendingly talented. I also have delicious dreams about Ralph Fiennes (and his brother Joseph)…Jeremy Irons. I love DeNiro, but some of his roles are very difficult for me to watch. I think he may have more courage as an actor than anyone else I’ve ever seen on screen. I find Al Pacino just keeps playing the same role over and over and over again. His bombastic, overplayed self, ad nauseam. Like Robert Duval immensely and think he has one of the best bodies of work in American Film and Theater, ever. Something to be really proud of as he ages and passes on to the next world! Edward Norton in 25th Hour, especially was AMAZING!!! Liked Jude Law in Cold Mountain–so much shown, so little said (also thought Renee Zellweiger stole that whole show in a carpet bag…She was GLORIOUS!) And Mr. Bean just makes me laugh all day long…Jean Reno, OH! Willem Dafoe! I used to like Jeroen Krabbe, but he hasn’t exactly aged well. LOVE, LOVE, love Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson and Sam Shepard!!!! And I think Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman are amazing. Love Philliip Seymour Hoffman and believe he can do almost anything. Loved Hoffman and Voight in Midnight Cowboy. LOVE ROBIN WILLIAMS.

Actresses: I LOVE Madeline Stowe and wish she wasn’t so underused. I’ve been really appreciating Laura Linney lately–I think she has incredible range. Meryl Streep is ALWAYS a joy to watch, especially as she ages. Used to like Barbara Hershey. Haven’t seen her in far too long. Like Diane Keaton’s latest work a lot. Always did like her! There’s a woman w/ class and grace and a quiet, twinkling wit!!! Would like to see Ellen Barkin in some more work. Think Anne Hathaway shows a lot of promise and isn’t just another pretty face. Cate Blanchett (so much subtlety and depth) and Tilda Swinton are a joy as well. LOVE to watch Dame Judy Whasserface (oh hell! What is her last bloody name???) in positively ANYTHING. It’s just a joy to watch her work. Want to see more of Ashley Judd. Also of Charlize Theron. Don’t really like any of Hillary Swank’s latest roles. What happened to her after Boys Don’t Cry, dammit? Don’t really like any of Jodie Foster’s latest roles, either…like since Nell and Contact. Used to love Jessica Tandy, she was such a crusty old bird that it was a joy just to watch her on the screen. Sometimes I really like Glenn Close, sometimes I don’t. Diane Lane is a joy…and is developing an incredible range. Oh, there’s so many more, but that will give you an idea.

Michael asks…

What makes an actor good?

What are the aspects of a great actor????

admin answers:

Being an actor means making your audience BELIEVE the character you are playing. As an actor, you should convince the audience that your character is a real human being.This usually involves immersing/”losing” yourself in another person undergoing different situations. Here are things that good actors should be able to achieve
(some basic, some more subtle):

* Saying lines and enunciating them believably like real people would say them and NOT like you’re reading them off a script.

* Maintaining a sense of timing and spontaneity (not saying your lines/gesturing/emoting too late or too early — also, you should make it look like everything that’s happening to you is unexpected to a certain degree)

* Facial expressions and body movements and keeping them realistic (emoting in the face when necessary and involving your entire body in the performance without gesturing unrealistically wildly)

* Emoting based on your character’s situation and what he/she is going through (and possibly using you’re own life experiences as a springboard for those emotions)

So yeah. Hope this helps. =D…One more thing….

NEVER look like you are acting!

George asks…

What is a character actor or actress?

How is this term defined? What is the difference between a character actor or actress and an actor or actress that is not distinguished with this adjective?

admin answers:

A character actor is one who portrays parts other than leads. Usually the leads are attractive people, but character actors don’t need to be. They can be comedians or villains or other supporting
parts. For example, in the Harry Potter series the three kids are the leads. All the other actors are character actors. They might be leads in other films, but in this series they support the three kids.
And in many cases, they’re far more interesting.

David asks…

How do you become a Actor?

What are some steps of becoming an Actor?

admin answers:

I’m assuming you’re interested in film and television and not theater.

Most importantly, you will need to move to an area where there is alot of work. New York and L.A. Are probably your best bet, but look at your favorite films and T.V. Shows and note where they are filmed. There are some smaller cities like Vancouver and Shreveport, Louisiana that get alot of work as well. Moving is a big risk and difficult, but you must be willing to take risks to be an actor.

Networking is by far your most valuable asset. Actors must be outgoing and people savvy. You will need to constantly audition and register yourself as an extra, true. But most of the time at an audition, the director already knows who they want for all the main roles and it’s someone they’ve worked with before. Maybe even before they were making money for directing! So make it your life’s work to meet new people and convince them you’re a creative and easygoing person to be around.

Audition at local film schools. Attend local film festivals. Go to parties. Find the next big new talent. When “new talent” gets famous, they take their friends with them. Work for free for these people. If they won’t let you act, volunteer to be a P.A. On their set. Be helpful and supportive. Try to hitch your wagon to a star. What can I say? “The business” is creepy. Always has been. Always will be.

Work work work! Anywhere you can find it. Car dealership commercials, student films, whatever. If you can’t get paid, do it for free. If you can’t be an actor in a non-paying student film, volunteer to be a P.A. Or be an usher at a live theater. Stay in the social circle any way you can.

Most actors take acting classes. Not only is it important for your acting skills, it’s important to make friends and listen for the buzzing of where the next audition is.

Don’t worry so much about finding an agent. If you can get one easily, great, but don’t spend too much of your resources trying to get one. Start working and a friend or co-worker will point out a good agent for you.

Being an aspiring actor isn’t a step by step process. Just because you’re a great actor, doesn’t mean you will find work. You have to rely on your people skills as much as your talent. But you CAN do it, if you’re willing to take risks and roll with the punches. Good luck!!!!!!

Laura asks…

Best actor/actress?

Who is/was the greatest actor/actress ever?

admin answers:

Another one of those questions that is really down to personal prefrence. Most people will nominate there favourite actor as ‘the greatest’, but will fail to recognise true great acting.

It is very difficult for me to nominate a single actor / actress to be the greatest, so have offered up my ‘shortlist’

So, in no particular order:

Johnny Depp – Has to be considered as one of the true greats
Robert De Niro – Just for his performance in Raging Bull – Unbelievable’
Marlon Brando – Another true contender for the greatest ever actor
Denzil Washington – If you have not seen his performance in ‘Glory’ you have missed one of the truly great performances
Brad Pitt – ‘Seven’, and out shone Tom Cruise in ‘Interview with a Vampire’, was also superb in Kalifornia.

As for the ladies, well
Meryl Streep – Silkwood, what a performance, Manchuriah Candidate, and dont forget Sophies Choice
Jodie Foster – So many films to mention, but was superb in Contact
Helen Mirren – Prime Suspect, and what about her performance iin the Queen
Judy Dench – Another fantactic astress from the UK
Kiera Knightley – I know she is a bit young compared to the others, but she has the makings of one the best ever actresses.

I hope these ‘nominations’ will provoke further debate.

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