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Your Questions About Actors Access

Chris asks…

Does actors access cost any money?

admin answers:

Yes it does. It costs $68 a year for unlimited submissions and access to download sides/scripts for shows. Or if you choose to not pay the $68, you can pay $2 a submission.

Donna asks…

is there a website for networking like modelmayhem but for actors ?

admin answers:

Actors Access :: Showfax Discussion Board

Sharon asks…

Help With Actor’s Access?

Alright, so I recently made an actor’s access account because people have been telling me that they use it and like it. I filled everything out, and it won’t let me upload my pictures. I’m currently still using the free services, so my pictures are free too. It says “you can’t upload pictures over 1.5 mb” or something. Is there any way I can get around this and upload them somehow?

admin answers:

No, it can’t handle pictures over 1.5 megabytes. So you have to reduce the size of your pictures to less than 1.5 mb in order for them to be accepted.

Thomas asks…

What does “character actor” mean?

admin answers:

Typically, character actors lack some of the stereotypical physical attributes associated with stars. Many older actors and actresses find their access to lead roles limited by age. Similarly, actors from marginalized or minority groups such as those belonging to minority racial groups, women, transsexuals were often barred from roles for which they were otherwise suited; some found work performing stereotypes. A character actor is usually playing a character who doesn’t go through a major change in the course of the movie. They tend to help the leading character acquire the major change that always occurs to him/her. Foreign actors may be famous in their own countries but find themselves limited in the United States under the strict unofficial guidelines of Hollywood casting; Marcel Dalio, Cantinflas and Jet Li illustrate this. Some character actors have distinctive voices or accents which in the opinion of casting directors limit their suitability for most leading roles; actors such as James Earl Jones, Selma Diamond and Julie Kavner have been able to turn this to their advantage, often in voice-over work. Sometimes character actors have developed careers because they had specific talents that are required in genre films, such as dancing, horsemanship or swimming ability. Many up-and-coming actors simply find themselves typecast in character roles due to an early success with a particular part or in a certain genre like the late J.T. Walsh, who crafted a career of playing villainous characters.

Mark asks…

Is there a website for actors?

I was wondering if there was some sort of actors community where they can talk seriously about their craft, and acting related situations…

Does anyone know if something like this exists? Please put a link

Thanks! 🙂
theese are good, but are there any that are geared more towards young people discussion their craft and their expierences with acting or theater instead of the buisness side?

Thanks 🙂
*discussing lol

admin answers:

Actor’s Access:

BSW is more for beginner/wannabe actor’s; AA is for more SERIOUS & established actors.

For both, unlike here on Yahoo!, YOU WILL GET SLAMMED if you don’t use the SEARCH function & post the SAME QUESTION that has already been answered/addressed.

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