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Your Questions About Actors Studio

Nancy asks…

Is B.I.H. Actor’s Studio a scam?

I just received a call from B.I.H. Actor’s Studio, saying they want me to go to their open house tomorrow. He asked questions as if i went to any auditions that are on camera, or if i was in any plays and to check their website.

So does anyone know if this is a scam, because im afraid if it is.

their link is this:

admin answers:

It is important to know what to do when pursuing a professional acting career.
First, all actors know to study the craft of acting! It is a given.
Education is always the best investment in life and training is key for actors.

BIH Actors Studio is a premiere acting school for beginners that want to study acting.
They specialize in on-camera training classes for TV & film. So this is a legitimate program to consider.
Investing in acting classes is beneficial to actors that are serious about pursuing auditions
and starting a professional career. You must build a resume and that includes your training credits.

Also, when pursuing a professional acting studio, always check out the coach’s resume and make sure cost is competitive.
The going rate for NYC acting classes range approx $30-$50 per hour and programs vary in length.

The process is to study and audition. However, you must be ready to audition and competitive to book roles.
That is why actors study the craft.

So if you want to study acting and pursue a professional career, it is wise to invest in great educational program with top notch coaches.
Check out their website and review the coaches credentials and/or videos.
They should also have testimonials from students and industry people, too!

Robert asks…

TVI Actors Studio. Good or Bad?

I live in New York and I was wondering if anyone knew about TVI actors studio? I’m thinking about signing up but I wanted to know if anyone knew about this place and what experiences they have had.

admin answers:


Yes, you can get the opportunity to meet with some of the top Agencies and Casting Directors, but I DON’T recommend this school for when you’re starting out. It’s ONLY good if you’re already pretty polished as an actor. When I was starting out, I made the mistake of paying $1000 for 3 classes and the silly yearly membership.

The classes are taught by mostly casting directors or people who weren’t groundbreaking for me. The problem that I found with studying with the casting directors was it was more on what THEY wanted and NOT what EVERY casting director wants in general. One such class was the commercial class. We spent one whole class on how to slate or more specifically how THAT casting director likes people to slate. There is no right way as long as you do it with conviction! It’s after you study at different schools when you realize the classes at TVI aren’t the best. The classes can ONLY benefit you if you’re a polished actor and impress that casting director for him or her to want to invite you in to read for them.

The membership is stupid. It costs close to $400 alone with a yearly sliding scale of $300, $200. Yes it gives discounts, but only at most $100 on $300-500 classes. It was cool when the casting director workshops were free with this membership, but now TVI is charging money for even members to attend the workshops. NOT COOL! It’s not like they have Casting Directors or Agents that I can’t meet at cheaper places like Actors Connection, Network Studios or Reelpros.

Once again, ONLY good if you’re a polished actor.

John asks…

Is there someone who is studying at the Actor studio in New York?

If so, could you you give me information as possible about this? For example, in which specific days and months auditions are held… I looked on the official website but I’d like to know something from people that has a personal experience about. Bye from Italy(AND SORRY FOR THAT REALLY BAAAD ENGLISH BUT I’M JUST STUDYIN IT AT SCHOOL!)

admin answers:

The Actors Studio is a bad place to study acting. Wm Esper Studios is much better. You cannot act professionally in the US unless you are a citizen, have a green card or an 01 visa. But you can study here on a student visa

Joseph asks…

Billy Joel on Actor’s Studio?

I can’t find the DVD to purchase of Billy Joel on Inside the Actor’s Studio anywhere!!!! I’ve looked EVERYWHERE… where can I see it? I checked out all the TV sites like Hulu and whatnot as well as Amazon, etc. etc. etc. etc.

admin answers:

You’ll have to download it if you go this route.

or look on netflix, there are many “inside the actor studio” videos.

Laura asks…

Is there a way I can go watch ‘Inside the Actors Studio’?

Where is it located?
Where can I find more info about it?

admin answers:

Inside the Actors Studio is a show, it isn’t located anywhere. If you are asking where you can go to watch the Actor’s studio it has places in New York and California. I’ll try and find the webiste and post it below.

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