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Your Questions About Movies

Joseph asks…

Movies like Moulin Rouge or Chicago?

What are some movies similar to Moulin Rouge or Chicago?

admin answers:

Similar movies:

Sweet Charity
Pennies from Heaven

Paul asks…

What movies do you like?

If you can, write movies‘ names. Thanks.

admin answers:

Horror movies. Like thr ring, the grudge, unborn, stuff like those movies.
Romance movies. Like the holiday.
Anime movies.
Action movies.
Funny movies.
If u wanna watch movies:,

George asks…

Good movies for movie night?

I’d like a couple scary movies, funny movies, romance movies, movies for lesbians, sad movies, and disney movies!
A couple more and I think we’ll have just enough!

admin answers:

Scary Movies:

Event Horizon
The Exorcist
The Shining

Funny Movies:

White Chicks
Scary Movie Trilogy
American Pie Trilogy

Romance movies:

The Notebook

Lesbian movies:


Sad Movies:

Pan’s Labyrinth
The Orphanage

Disney Movies:

The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast

Hope that helps!

Jenny asks…

Movies-What kinds of movies would describe each member of your family including yourself?

What kinds of movies would describe each member of your family including yourself.
Well these kinds of movies would describe my brother
ghetto movies,fighting and action movies,movies about professional wrestlers,horror movies.
these kinds of movies would describe my dad,
war and action movies,western movies,drama,mystery movies,video games that have been made into movies,old movies.
these kinds of movies would describe my mom
horror movies,movies from lifetime movie network,comedy.

these kinds of movies would describe me
glbt movies(just like watching them)
horror movies,
All Christmas movies.
movies that are based on video games.
movies about the bible and Jesus Christ
movies about witches and vampires
movies about how to play piano
movies that are based on true stories.

admin answers:

My Mother
Movies that have meaning and symbolism behind them… Movies that have a lot of creativity and a fast moving story line but not an action adventure. Movies like “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”

My Father
Movies with a lot of explosions in them and gadgets. Movies that have planes and war type movies that have a lot of technology. Also movies like Austin Powers work for him too. He’s technical but goofy at the same time.

My Brother
Just flat out stupid movies. Movies that are just made to be funny. Movies like Super Bad, Dodge Ball, etc …

I would be described as “different movies.” Movies that tell a deep story and have a different meaning. Movies that have nature and amazing photography. Movies that would describe me would be movies liek “Into the Wild,” “The Fountain,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” and “August Rush.”

Cool Question

James asks…

Any good exciting movies?

Any one can mention some exciting movies like stalker movies the hitcher step father something like that thanks guys

admin answers:

Here you go…



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