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Your Questions About Movies

Donna asks…

not another teen movie???

does not another teen movie make fun of movies?
like how scary movie does?
and what ones if it does??????????????/
and what ones if it does??????????????/

admin answers:

Yes that movie was hilarious! It parodies she’s all that, the breakfast club, pretty in pink, cruel intentions, sixteen candles, alot of the older teen movies. It was a really funny movie!

Laura asks…

i like it dabang movie?

the dabang movie is my favourite movie

admin answers:

Yes, I also like Dabang movie. This is really a nice one which is based on Action. 2010 movies of Salman Khan such as Veer, Dabang etc. Are become popular cause these are action. Anyhow, if someone wanna watch this movie only, they can go here:

Sandy asks…

where can i download these anime movies?

Bleach movie 4, Naruto Shippuden movie 5, Detective Conan movie 15?

admin answers:

Bleach movie 4 here: <- just scroll down

as for naruto shippuden movie 5 and Detective Conan movie 15 there are not out yet in eng sub anyway….

Hope this helps

Daniel asks…

Do you like Jackie Chan movies?

What is your favorite Jackie Chan movie?
Bruce Lee and Chan

admin answers:

I love his movies.

My favorite J.C movies

Police Story
Armour of god

His 1970s movies that were old style movies.
Rush hour series are also very funny.

Paul asks…

Fairytail movies? romantic movies?

You know those romantic/sad/fairytail movies that you just love and cry when you watch?
Movies like:
Ella from Frell
The ugly truth
The proposal

I LOVE movies about Cinderella (Like Ella from Frell)
And romantic movies, all types of romantic movies that you can just dream away with ah…… :c
Sooo any recommendationsssssss? c:


admin answers:

Here you go…





Romance films

? Romance films by genre

? Films based on romance novels

? Interfaith romance films

? Interracial romance films

? Romance films by country

? Romance films by decade

? Teen romance films

? Romance film stubs



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