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Your Questions About Movies 2012

Helen asks…

How many of you think the world will end in 2012?

After seeing previews for the movie 2012 I wondered if it’s possible the world would end?

admin answers:

Neither the ancient or modern Mayans predicted this. They left that up to liars and fools in the USA, Belgium and a few other countries.

Very few people believe this, including those who are saying it will end. It is about profits, not prophets, marketing, not Mayans.

Stories of disaster or anything big in 2012 are nonsense promoted by gutter websites and gutter TV transmitters for one purpose, to make money from the sale of books, advertising, movie tickets, guns, disaster shelters and survival supplies, or to get people into dangerous religious cults. Disaster in 2012 is 2% superstition and the the rest is direct lies.

The Mayan calendar does not end, nor did it predict anything from 2012, and not warning signs either. The lies that there are predictions are the bases for the lies that anything will happen at all. Since the basis of the predictions are a few lies, then all the predictions fail, no matter what other “evidence” is trotted out to support them.

In all cases in the 2012 material the other “evidence” is also lies. Here’s a short list of the lies, the list does not cover everything because there are too many different lies and some of them contradict each other.

Planet X exists, Nibiru exists

Solar flares reaching the Earth

Pole shifts, geographic or magnetic

Scientists predict it

Planetary line-ups, galactic line-ups

Photon belt

Earth’s core heating up

Nostradamus, anyone or anything else predicted it.

Garden gnome apocalypse

Get my drift? It is all nonsense.

See for an exposure of the main liars and fools and why they are wrong or lying.

Richard asks…

What cataclysmic events will happen on December 21, 2012?

I just watched the movie 2012 and was wondering if it will be the same exact events from the movie that will happen on the date?

Like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Crustal Displacement, Volcanoes erupting etc?

admin answers:

Did you know that others are predicting that 2012 is not the end of the world, but the complete opposite? We will experience a rebirth, an enlightenment.

The most ridiculous part about this all: the mayan’s didn’t predict 2012 as being the end of the world. The just stopped adding days to their calender. The Mayan calendar does not really “end” in 2012, but rather, all the cycles turn over and start again, turning to a new era Just like our calender doesn’t really end on December 31st. It just starts over.

Chris asks…

What did you think of the movie 2012?

I thought it was VERY hood. Better than Knowing. Knowing sucked a bit. :/
What were your opinions on the movie 2012?

admin answers:

I thought it was very interesting..i bet anyone that believes the theory is freaked out after watching that movie..but to me its just another move. I thought it was good tho

Michael asks…

Poll: What movie are you going to watch on the 21 of desember?

I am so gonna watch the movie 2012. What are you gonna watch? Any doomsday film?

admin answers:

The Hobbit 😀

Nancy asks…

Does anyone bellieve that 2012 is really the end of the world?

I have been seeing previews for the movie 2012 and hearing a lot about it. I was just wondering if anyone sees any truth to it.

admin answers:

No, the scenarios being put out by the frauds and charlatans (including that of the crappy movie) are all either impossible, possible but no reason to believe they will occur within the next millennium, or happen routinely and have no effect on Earth. The doomsday scenario of the movie was originally for the 2003 doomsday which, you may have noticed, failed to occur. It wouldn’t have been scary enough to sell tickets though, if they called it 2003. People might just realize that it isn’t going to happen in the past. So they just tacked on the new date and said, “The Mayans warned us.” That was another big lie. So no, there is nothing scientifically sound in their claims and people are wasting their time worrying about it.

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