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Your Questions About Movies 2012

Richard asks…

How to play video audio and music at the same time in Movie Maker 2012?

I’m making a video for a class election and I’m forced to work with Windows Movie Maker 2012, which is ridiculously confusing compared to the XP Movie Maker. In XP, I was able to play imported audio from videos at the same time as a song. But in Movie Maker 2012, if I import a video, it shows the audio of the video – then if I import a song, the song completely overlays the video audio. It doesn’t delete the video audio, they just won’t play at the same time. How do I get them to play at the same time?

admin answers:

This is pretty easy to fix. Many of my friends and I have had the same problem, so I decided to make a program for it. It didn’t take too long but it should fix your problem. If you have any questions, or if there’s a bug, please feel free to email or message me

KNOWN BUGS: This works only if you use chrome, opera, or Internet Explorer as your main browser. It is NOT compatible with firefox. If you use firefox I’d recommend using Chrome for now and importing all your data over (do this before you run the program)

Hope this helps 🙂 I’d appreciate it if this got best answer so I could more people with problems like this!

Graduated from Yale at the top of my class in Computer Science!

Michael asks…

what can i do- my brothers feeling really depressed about 2012?

we just saw the movie 2012 and my 13 year old brother is really scared crapless right now. hes just depressed and i can’t convince him the whole 2012 deal is just stupid hoax. he feels like giving up on everything, what can i do?

admin answers:

You should get him to read the website. If he is a sci-fi fan, he will love the way the website is set up. Every claim is referenced. Compare that to the sleazy websites that claim all sorts of nutty things about 2012, with NO references.

“Uh, a planet that is invisible until November of 2012 will pass by the Earth, causing the Dalai Lama to spill his tea.”

Yeah, right.

The real problem with 2012 is that a LOT of people will believe ANYTHING that is put in front of them.

Donna asks…

How likely is it that the world will end in 2012?

I just finished watching the movie 2012 and I’m really scared now. Is there any truth to the movie, and if so what parts and how much?

I realize I sound quite foolish, but I really don’t know anything about what people have been saying about 2012 and I’m just in shock…

admin answers:

It’s a bunch of bushwaa. Don’t worry about it the world isn’t going to end.
Even if the Mayans knew something we don’t (very doubtful) and didn’t just end THIS particular calender here (planning to make a new one later for the next cycle (they used cycles like we use years and months) we translated the calender wrong and it’s not Dec 21, 2012. It’s at least 60 days off.

Paul asks…

Is it true or not that the world is gonna end on december 21 2012?

Hi I don’t believe that’s the worlds gonna end on 2012. I am a christian and I know only god knows the exact day and hour. And when the end comes I don’t believe a single cow poop of what the movie 2012 says. So who believes it and who doesn’t? Thanks!

admin answers:

Some day the world as we know it will come to an end, when Jesus Christ returns in glory to destroy all evil and set up His kingdom of perfect peace and justice. And the Bible warns us to be ready for that day.

But the Bible also tells us that no one knows exactly when this will happen, because God hasn’t revealed it to us (see Mark 13:32). In fact, it tells us that Christ’s coming will be like that of a thief who comes when everyone is asleep — unexpectedly and suddenly. The Bible says, “For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night” (1 Thessalonians 5:2).

This is why you shouldn’t take seriously any supposed “prophecy” claiming the end of the world will occur on a certain date. Some of these come from people who sincerely believe the Bible and want to learn from it — but others (such as the “prophecy” you mention about the end of the world coming in 2012) come from pagan sources. Either way, you shouldn’t let them make you fearful.

The real question, however, is this: Are you ready to meet God? God loves you, and the most important decision you will ever make is your decision to follow Jesus. Not only will He take away your fears, but He’ll be with you and guide you every day as you open your life to Him. Ask Him to come into your heart today.


Thomas asks…

The Movie 2012 do you all think it will happen in real life, or no?

The Movie 2012 do you all think it will happen in real life, or no?

admin answers:

No, the Earth just doesn’t work like that. It’s impossible for all the faults on Earth to rupture at the same time, and if they did, they’d all be so weak none would cause a whole lot of damage.

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