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Your Questions About Movies Coming Soon

Donna asks…

are there any horse movies coming out soon?

the only recent one ive seen is war horse, also can you recommend any i should get on DVD apart from spirit and dreamer, i kinda want to get flicka but the horse whisperer is so sad!
and i don’t like his methods but it makes good watching!
apart from the bit with the truck/:
please help?

admin answers:

There doesn’t seem to be any horse centric movies coming out for the rest of the year. That can always change, but at this moment no.

Other movies you could buy on DVD
Black Beauty
The Black Stallion
All the pretty horses

Chris asks…

Any good Movies coming in Stores Soon?

I seen Bad Teacher and it was real good

admin answers:

Well if you want to know about movies coming this week then there are many like
Money Ball
Killer Elite
These all are quite interesting

Mandy asks…

new scary movies coming out soon?

what are some scray/thriller movies coming out soon? things like “shutter island” and the new final destination movie. i like thrillers more than like blood and guts so does anyone know any good movies coming out soon?
what about some action movies?

admin answers:

Halloween Two
The Stepfather
Sorority Row

Maybe you noticed something peculiar about all these movies that are coming out soon. They’re all remakes.

Just an observation.

Ruth asks…

Any cool action movies coming soon in theaters?

admin answers:

Yes the new transformer movie is coming out soon and the first movie was great and this one looks even better. It isn’t animated and full of action.

If you don’t like that then you could see terminator with takes place during the war with the machines and that movie was really good and have a crap load of action.

Sandy asks…

Any popular movies coming out soon?

Okay, so if you know any popular movie that will be out soon, please tell me the name. REMEMBER IT HAS TO BE A POPULAR MOVIE like people are so excited to see it!

admin answers:

Friday the 13th
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Land of the Lost
Night at the Museum 2
Ice Age 3
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Angels and Demons
Transformers 2
Star Trek the Movie
Fast & Furious
Hannah Montana the Movie
Funny People
Terminator Salvation
The Year One
17 Again

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