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Your Questions About Movies On Dvd

George asks…

Windows Movie Maker freezes my dvd?

I downloaded some videos on youtube, then I want to make a dvd out of the videos by using Windows Movie maker. The dvd does play but it keeps on pausing on some scenes and won’t let you view unless you click skip. This happens every 10 minutes during the whole thing. What is the problem? Is there a way to fix it?

admin answers:

If you want to burn any movies to DVD, and can play well on home DVD player or computer, WMM can’t do this well, can’t do this well, DVDflick is freeware, can create DVD from some videos, but it also have error on my computer when create DVD from some avi or flv files, you can try DVDflick by youself, now i am using an inexpensive shareware RZ DVD Creator, work well, if you will, you can try it by youself, it can convert and burn any movies to standard video DVD, and can play well on home DVD player, it can burn long movies into one DVD, it can burn multiple movies into one DVD, it can auto fit the size, it can easy add professional dynamic DVD menu, it can convert and burn any movies to DVD(DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, etc.), such as avi to DVD, flv to DVD, mp4 to DVD, etc.

You can yahoo or google search and download “RZ DVD Creator”, easy to use, it isn’t freeware, but inexpensive, good quality, most functionality, hope it can help you.

Lizzie asks…

Burn DVD Movies?


Does anyone know the best FREE software to copy dvd movies (that might be copyrighted), onto hard drive or another dvd?


admin answers:

I think you can use “E.M. Easy DVD Copy”.It is very easy to use, only one mouse-click!

E.M. Easy DVD Copy is an easy,effective,handy DVD movie backup software!

By using E.M. Easy DVD Copy, you can easily copy,shrink and burn your whole DVD at a high speed and with high quality.

You can aslo copy or shrink your favorite titles, pgc, chapters, subtitles and audios to hard disk or blank DVD disc.

The size of the compressed DVD movie can be decreased to 20% of the original DVD movie.

You can get “E.M. Easy DVD Copy” from here:

Donald asks…

Burn HD movies with DVD-R/W computer?

when burning a HD movie, can you still burn it with a DVD-R/W burner onto DVD-Rs? Is their special software or discs you have to use?

admin answers:

If you just burn HD movies to disc as data disc, I think you can use DVD-R/W burner and DVD-R discs, but if you want to play the burned disc on regular DVD player, you have to convert and burn the HD movies to standard video DVD, because most dvd players only recognizes the standard video DVD well, but standard standard video DVD only supports 720×480(ntsc) or 720×576(pal) video resolution highest, so you can’t keep the video resolution higher than this when convert HD movies to standard video DVD, the program will lower the HD movie video resolution to fit the standard video DVD, and if your DVD player support Divx or Xvid video, you can convert your HD movies to HD Divx AVI movies or HD Xvid AVI movies, then play on your Divx or Xvid DVD player, even if you have a blu-ray burner and blu-ray disc, you also can burn a blu-ray video DVD from your HD movies, then play it with your blu-ray player. Convert and burn HD movies to Standard Video DVD, or HD Divx/Xvid AVI movies, you can try RZ DVD Creator, it can convert any movies to HD Divx/Xvid AVI movies or Standard video DVD. You can yahoo or google search RZ DVD Creator and download it, easy to use, hope these infos can help you.

Sandra asks…

How to put full movies on a dvd?

I know how to put movies on a dvd, but I don’t know how some companies can put such large movies in such small space! Do they use some kind of compression or something??

admin answers:

If you want to fit/burn large movies to one DVD, there is an easy way and the better choice, i have used RZ DVD Creator, it can create standard video DVD from any movies, it can auto fit the size, it can burn mulit movies to one disc, it can directly convert and burn any
videos to DVD(DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-DL, DVD+DL, etc), such as avi to DVD, etc.

Work well on my computer, good quality, so easy to use, i like it, following is a step by step guide about Video DVD Creator:

Hope it can help you.

Thomas asks…

Need help putting movie on dvd?

I made a video on Windows movie maker and now i need to transfer it to a dvd that is compatible with dvd players. does anyone know what kind of dvd to use and how do i put it on there? I have other programs like Sonic MyDVD plus. pleeease help!
I did everything on the sonic MyDVD just as you said to do and it works on my tv in my dvd player but it starts to skip halfway through. do you know why?

admin answers:

Actually a writable DVD is what you need. This can be DVD-R or DVD+R (or even DVD-RW or DVD-RAM) which is better entirely depends on your DVD writer.

You need to check which format your DVD writer is compatible with; especially the older models. If you tell me what DVD writer you have I can easily tell you what format writable DVD you can use.

The following links tells you how to burn movies using Sonic MyDVD on a DVD to view on a DVD player:


Skipping halfway through, suggests that the disc is dirty or more likely in this case you have errors on the DVD you burnt.
I assume this is the case whether you play it on your computer or the DVD player?

I can only suggest burning at slower speed; i.e. Not at the maximum speed the DVD is rated for and make sure you tick the error checking (if it has it). You will see the DVD you are burning to should have 4x or 8x or even 16x on it unless you use the verbatim brand and generally burning at 2/3 the rated maximum gives you better results. In addition disable any screensavers etc, make sure you’re not running any HDD or CPU intensive prosesses while burning.

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